Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peace on Earth

It makes me so happy that our resident cat, Linus, is accepting our new little kitten. The first week or so there was some hissing and Linus mostly wanted to escape from the intruder. He spent more time than usual outside.

I had grand visions of them eventually snuggling up to each other spoon-style and becoming great friends.

My wise veterinarian sister-in-law told me
"It's like your husband coming home, telling you he likes being married so much and you're such a terrific wife that he went out and got another one. . . . . . . . Cat's don't ask for more cats. So it takes time to commingle. Peaceful coexistence is the goal. Anything more is frosting on the cake."

When little Lucy first joined our home she would "cry" whenever she was alone and couldn't find anyone. When we left the house, we would hear mournful mews coming from the other side of the door. She eagerly seeks affection and companionship. Little by little Linus has responded to her yearnings.

She is now content to seek out Linus when we leave and "hang out" with him. She is so giddy when he comes in from outside and will attempt to entice him into rough and tumble play. They often "kiss", but then the old grandpa cat just turns his back and ignores the silly little girl.

Awe, but it does my heart good to see them like this. There IS peace on earth.


Knee surgery in a few hours. Your support and your prayers mean so much. I feel them. Thank you!


Suzanne said...

Oh goodness -- I thought the surgery had come and gone. I'll be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Such great photos !! Glad their getting along :)

Dixie Mom said...

Hoping all goes well with your surgery!
I had NEVER thought of bringing a new cat home with another cat that way before. That makes total sense. But it looks like peace has triumphed at your house.
I wonder if that applies to dogs too?

Laura said...

That is very impressive. It took a way to integrate in each of our cats. They tolerate each other, no spooning, which is too bad. Good luck today!

Garden of Egan said...

Love the cat pix. I am a total cat lover.
We inherited my daughter's cat when she moved to a different place. My cats are slowly accepting him.

Good luck on the surgery. I'm thinking of you!

Saimi said...

Oh that is such a cute kitty! They look so sweet lying next to each other!

Mom to Many said...

So glad your kitties are adjusting.
I hope you knee surgery is successful. :o)

Life is good! said...

darling feline photos! hope your surgery went well.

Lacy said...

Oh boy, we've been there done that. It is so hard to get cats to adjust to each other and sometimes they never do... our cats have good days and bad days.... I want another kitty! :)

CUTE pictures!