Sunday, September 12, 2010

September is Soccer

September is soccer season at our house with practices and games almost every day. Celtic Storm and the University of Utah are our teams of choice. Today I highlight Utah--especially Ute #7.


The awkward chest bump with Swoop

The young fans

The Star Spangled Banner

The action

The autographs

The end


And This Is My Joy said...

Thanks for sharing Julie... Kelly is adorable, and is looking very sharp in her Utah Red! I miss it more than I thought I would... I have been following on Gametracker... I hope to get to a game, I would love to sit with you!

Shauni said...

Those are really great pictures! She looks so great and so happy playing soccer. Go Kellie!!!

Marianne said...

These are great photos, Julie! Kellie, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

And...WHERE do you get all of Abby's cute tennis shoes??? Kate loves that kind of shoe, but she always gets black. I'd love pink or turquoise!!

Nichole said...

Thos are awesome pics. What fun for the family!

Julie said...

Melissa, any time! Marianne, I think maybe Famous Footwear or Dillards? Shauni and Nichole, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

That #7 is awesome :) Oh how I love sports photos ! Great job !