Friday, September 24, 2010

Quite Surprised

I was quite surprised this week to have received a blog award. Me? What?

Nichole from Happily Ever After Again awarded me

Thanks so much, Nichole!

 This is quite an honor since Nichole doesn't know me IRL (in real life).

One of the "rules" of this award is that I need to pass it on to ten other bloggers (yes, it is a pyramid of sorts, but it could be fun.) The chosen ten are family and friends whose blogs I quietly stalked for a good year.  I basically was a "lurker". It wasn't until I began blogging myself that I decided to "follow" them publicly or even comment. That was a huge step.

I have wondered why "followers" and "comments" mean so much and I guess it is the desire to be validated (even though this blog is mainly for posterity's sake.) Perhaps my love language is "words of affirmation"? At least in the blogosphere it must be.

So, to thank my original (plus two) inspirational bloggers I encourage you to check out these blogs--real people with real lives.

I also must comply by listing ten things I like. It is so hard to narrow my like-able things down to ten so I am going for my current favorite foods (excluding sweets, which is a list all by itself).
  • a great salad
  • my mom's potato rolls
  • shrimp with garlic and butter
  • crab with butter
  • chicken satay with peanut sauce
  • bleu cheese and Brie
  • fresh raspberries and peaches
  • fresh tomatoes with fresh basil
  • Brian's marinated and grilled flank steak
  • artisan breads

Here are the official rules:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. Name 10 things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other people and notify them with a comment.

P.S. If I were a sociologist I would definitely study the sociology of blogging.


Deb in UT said...

Thanks, Julie! And here I was going to take a long blogging vacation. Maybe I won't now.

I like your list of likes. They all sound delicious. It would be fun to read a blog post about each one and to find out techniques and recipies in some cases. I'd also like to know your sweet favorites.

Thanks for the chocolate suggestion. I will definitely try it soon. I love that they're local.

Lesa @ music notes said...

I'm not surprised at all. You have a really nice blog!

Mom to Many said...

Woo hoo Julie!
I am happy for you!

Rachel said...

Yeah, you really have something to offer. :)

Sally said...

I love reading your blog Julie! Thanks for the vote of encouragement too! I better get busy!

Shannon said...

Congrats! I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing the award, too. Very sweet of you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award ! Your blog is beautiful!

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Thanks and congrats! I might be slow at returning the favor, though...

I do love your blog.