Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Reception

Can't you see these two in 50 years with the exact same smiles and pose?

Before the reception began I took a few moments to snap some photos. The guests entered on the west side of our home greeted by flowers and paper lanterns.

My Mother-of-the-Bride wrist corsage
My siblings and I (photo courtesy of brother-in-law, Dan)
The glowing happy couple


Laura said...

Wonderful! Everyone looks beautiful/handsome! Excellent to see the Stoker siblings all together again! I am so glad everything went so well!

Laurel said...

Sorry to miss it! Rachel was beautiful! All your lifelong work has paid off!

Marianne said...

Everything looks so lovely. What a relief (in a joyful way, of course!) to have that all behind you. And I LOVE that first picture!!

Emmalyn said...

Thanks for pictures! Everything looks simply gorgeous! They look very happy : )

Jennilyn said...

Wow! Beautiful! (love your dress ruffles!!)

Mom to Many said...

What a darling couple!