Monday, August 30, 2010

Petrified Forest

I first heard of the petrified forest when I was in elementary school. In my mind I pictured huge redwood-type trees turned to stone--leaves and all. "Forest" to me meant trees and more trees. Surprisingly that ignorance some how stuck with me as I anticipated the drive through the petrified forest on our return trip from Arizona. The realization that this was not so slowly crept to the logical forefront of my consciousness as the National Park neared. I laughed at myself for holding on to that child-like vision.

The Petrified Forest actually was very impressive. The landscape was littered with broken "logs"--all turned to stone, of course.

The colors were spectacular.

If you look closely at the landscape below you can see a petrified log atop the ridge in the upper middle of the photo. The second picture shows the log via telephoto lens. It makes me wonder what incredibly tumultuous events occurred here over the millions of years since these trees were alive.

The Tepees and Painted Desert areas of the park were fascinating as well.

Honestly, I was not looking forward to driving an hour or more out of our way to visit these ancient landmarks, but I am so glad Brian talked me into it. I was suitably impressed.


Shauni said...

How fun--now I want to go there! Ever since I worked as a Park Ranger and went river rafting on the Colorado, I have been amazed by geology. But it only makes sense to me when I'm actually IN it...not when I'm studying it in a text book. :)

I love your back to school plaque, you crafty girl! And thanks for your sweet words I my blog. I love reminding myself of those words, "All will be well."

Linda said...

This is fascinating to see. I also thought, when I was young, that a petrified forest was a forest frozen in time. Leaves and all. Children make good fantasy writers.

Marianne said...

WOW. These are some pretty amazing photos! I am surprised at how much the "rocks" look like trees!! I've never been there, and now I want to go...but probably not in August!!

Jennilyn said...

Love the colors! I need to put this on my list of things to go see!