Friday, July 30, 2010

Only Two Weeks!

These two are getting married in only two weeks.

 Eek! Are we ready?

 I am definitely excited for the two of them, but anxious about all the preparations.

The invitations are done and sent despite our printer COMPLETELY breaking down and becoming irreparable after printing only 24 envelopes.

Our deck is freshly stained. It took a reception at our home to motivate us to get the task done--we've put it off for several years. The job was undoubtedly a family affair (of the HOT and LONG variety).

I must admit it is great fun gathering glassware for the dessert buffet. Perhaps I have a new found passion (and a reason to scour thrift and antique stores.)

Family starts coming into town this weekend. Happy Busy Good Times.


Sister Babcock said...

Beautiful. We feel honored to have gotten one of the early invitations. Beautiful couple.

Marianne said...

LOVE the glassware!! You have all done so much, I know it's going to be beautiful in EVERY way possible!! Don't forget to enjoy the day, when it gets here!!

Deb said...

I hope we don't have this kind of fun for several more years. :) But it does look like fun--especially the gathering of dessert dishes part.

Mom to Many said...

Love the glassware! What a fun excuse to gather some.

Lisa said...

Love the invitations and glassware! It is such a joy to scour thrift shops with a purpose. You found some real treasures there! Enjoy the wedding and reception and make sure you take a day for yourself once it is all over!