Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today I had an MRI on my knee.

I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I had heard of several rather unpleasant if not awful MRI experiences of my brother and dad.

Brian came with me to the appointment and just knowing he was close by was a great support as I was called into the exam area, removed all my jewelry, changed into scrubs, and was questioned about medical history and metal objects of any kind in my body.

I wasn't too surprised when I entered the MRI room to find that the set-up looked just like something off the silver screen. At that moment I was grateful to HOUSE for giving me a fairly accurate mental image of what I would encounter.

I judge medical personnel with how well they explain (step by step) exactly what is going on with any type of procedure. This technician was perfect for me--kind and caring and willing to answer every question I had.

"This will be easy," he said as he explained I would be put into "the tube" only up to my neck. (That was a huge relief.)

Gingerly I climbed onto the table, had knee propped in place, and was told to hold VERY still.

"It will be loud," he said as he handed me earplugs. (This I expected.)

Question: "How long would it take?"
Answer: "About 25 minutes"

Question: "Are you cold? Would you like a blanket?"
Answer: "My feet are a little cold. Maybe."

Question: "Is there any way to tell how much time has gone by?"
Answer: "Possibly," he responded and explained about the digital screen in my upward line of sight that would tick off five 3-minute intervals. (I did the math. That was only 15 minutes. I could do this.)

Question: "Is it ok if I fall asleep?"
Answer: "Sure. Some people say it sounds just like riding in a car."

I readied myself for the statue-like state.

Into "the tube" I went. Beeping and banging. Loud yes, but bearable.

Am I feeling an itch on my eyebrow?
My lips feel chapped.
Wish I had taken a sip of water right before.

I was tense, nervous, tried to relax. Deep yoga breaths, I told myself.

I watched each 3 minute interval pass and thought of my dad and Steven. They were very ill when they had their MRIs. I could do this.

Deep yoga breaths. (Thanks, Janet.)

Thinking time. Worry time. Thinking time.


Waiting for results.


Fine Art by Jennifer said...

I had one on my neck last summer. They had me in a completely closed tube because their partially open one wasn't working. I had a few moments of panic, but did ok. Good descriptions. I'd love to hear what's going on with your knee!

Laura said...

Oh no, knee problems are very painful. I hope it is a simple fix.