Thursday, May 6, 2010

Women's Conference

Last week my sister, Renee, flew in for BYU's Women's Conference. This has become an annual tradition for the last five or so years. Mom joined us this year now that she is an official Utahan, but sadly, we didn't get any pictures with her.

Here we are in the Marriott Center waiting for the closing session to begin. Lovely photo.

Home after a fun yet very full weekend. (I look a bit tired.)

I couldn't help but round up this old photo of the two of us in 1979. It makes me smile.

So glad Mom is part of the tradition now, and I look forward to the day when all the Stoker females will be too.

I LOVE having Renee come each year and not just because she always brings me a box of See's chocolates!


Jennilyn said...

Cute photos! What did you learn at the Conference this year? Who were your favorite speakers? Any tid-bit quotes? (Do you include S-in-L and future marrieds?)

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

It's good to see you together! How fun.

Laura said...

I wouldn't have recognized Renee! I am not sure she was even in high school the last time I saw her! Even thought you have completely different coloring, you still look like sisters!

Julie said...

Jenni, we laughed a lot during those two days. Many speakers shared humorous stories and anecdotes which "filled my cup." One of my favorite speakers this year was Lisa V. Clark who I didn't realize was Nienie's sister-in-law. Her talk was titled, "Don't Let the Digital Dominate Your Life." She explained that social media today has replaced the front porch of yesterday. She related both the pros and cons associated with todays high tech world, but her burning question was, "Can you make and keep friends IRL (in real life)?" Lots to think and discuss about on her topic.

I also came away with three very specific things I need to do to improve my life--both spiritually and temporally. 1. Write down on my calendar at least one day a month I will go to the Temple. 2. Carve out time each day to read the scriptures. 3. Plan menus and actually spend time preparing them for my family each week. Have I done them? It has been a week. Not perfect, but getting better.

I would love for Charlene, Beverly, Rachel, and Kellie to join us. Hopefully some year it will work out so they can and want to.