Thursday, May 27, 2010

The End is Here (Part 1)

The end of school that is.

With this momentous occasion comes end-of-year testing, award assemblies, final concerts, final projects, and dance festivals.

The "Wax Museum" is a 5th grade tradition at Provost Elementary. Abby was Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was hard work being a wax personage.

When it was break time, Abby eagerly "melted".

The quote of Ms. Wilder's Abby chose to display on her poster is quite telling. I think I will insist that Abby memorize it and be able to recite it on demand:

"Once you begin being naughty, it is easier to go on and on, and sooner or later something dreadful happens."

Ah, my sweet Abby.


Deb said...

Melted Abby is adorable. I really like her costume too.

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

I love the smile! I think she picked a good person to write about.