Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great Grandma's Jewels

Here I am being crafty again. I found this idea while wandering through a local boutique. Turn vintage jewelry (in this case Great Grandma's clip-on earrings) into trendy bobby pins.

These are the retro versions. As you can see they have not all been transformed--still waiting for the craft store to restock the bobby pins.

It makes me happy Abby can barely wait for the glue to dry before she tries them out.


Jennilyn said...

My friend Tiffany orders the bobby pin blanks on line. Her blog is linked on mine: Likely Stories. You can ask her for her sources! Beautiful bobbies of yours!

Shannon said...

I love this idea! Does it take a special type of bobby pin, or can I just use regular ones? Erica would love them.

Also, I love the new background to your blog. The mountains are some of my favorite places to be.

Julie said...

Shannon, the bobby pins are heavier than the usual ones and they have a "pad" that you can glue the earring (or whatever trinket you choose) to. I need to just show you.

Jennilyn, I have seen Likely's blog from Cjane. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure I will need that many more, though. :)

Jennilyn said... MAY at Thanksgiving Point--wishing I was going to be in town to see this. Go for me?

Jennilyn said... If you comment on Tiffany's blog, she can help you find the bobby blanks.

Julie said...

Thanks Jennilyn and I went to the Beehive Bazaar this Fall when they had it in Provo. It is so fun. I will go again for you!