Sunday, November 20, 2016

Snapshots from Japan

Stone lanterns at Katsuo-ji (Mino)
We've been in Japan for three weeks now--half way through Brian's sabbatical as a Visiting Professor at Osaka University's Toyonaka Campus. I've posted some traditional touristy photos to my Instagram account, but there are just too many images I want to remember, so I decided to post them here as well.
Image from the ceiling of a room at Tofuku-ji (Kyoto)
Origami bunnies parading around a lamp (Hiroshima)
Our tour guide explained, "Do not flirt with the geishas." (Kyoto)
Elephants at a playground (Osaka)
Daruma dolls at Katsuo-ji (Mino)
Zen garden at Tofuku-ji (Kyoto)
Colonel Sanders at a KFC (Osaka)
Food for sale at Minoh Falls
Bibbed statues at a cemetery near Osaka University's Toyonaka Campus
Todai-ji complex (Nara)