Friday, December 4, 2015


For the past three months Elder Woodfield has been serving as a missionary in Cabrero, Chile and its neighboring town of Monte Aquila. This sign says it best. He and his companion have truly been "working machines."
As winter ended in the southern hemisphere Travis and Elder O. (from Brazil) have walked the streets and footpaths of these towns through biting cold, pouring rain, and the blazing afternoon sun of a Chilean spring.

He's served and loved and learned from the beautiful people here.
Of course, being Travis, he sends home numerous photos of food.

He may be a working machine, but every once in a while, on P-days, he and the other missionaries can play a little--be it on a fútbol field, a snowy volcano, or by a waterfall.
Travis turned 20 last month, and like a true adult he spent the day working. He did, however, buy a Chilean apple pie to celebrate with his companion. (Yes, that candle is a Q-tip.)
My mother-heart is comforted to know that he is happy and finding joy in his service and sacrifice.  I am grateful for his personal growth and spiritual journey to truly know God and that he finds simple pleasures along the way.
After twelve weeks together Elder O. has been transferred to a different city and Elder Woodfield will be TRAINING his next companion--a brand new missionary fresh from the Missionary Training Center. On to the next adventure!


Valerie said...

So many great photos to see what he's doing and eating and what he sees!

Saimi said...

I can't believe your son and my Nephew are serving in the same country and haven't crossed paths yet. I guess it's a big county but I can't help think someday they might. My nephew has 6 months left and is currently in Dichato. I love your son's pictures, he looks happy and well.

Saimi said...

My Nephew is serving in the Chile Concepcion Mission - I have no idea where that is in relation to your son but it's still Chile right? :)