Monday, March 9, 2015


Hiroshima was the number one place Brian wanted me to experience while in Japan and, wow, it was an emotional, poignant, and thought-provoking place. We began at what is now known as the A-bomb Dome.
We then crossed the river to Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park. Our first stop was the Children's Peace Monument which honors Sadako Sasaki and all the other children who died in the blast or from radiation sicknesses later on. Sadako's story of folding just under a thousand paper cranes before she died at age 12 of Leukemia is impactful yet heartbreaking.
The cases behind the monument house paper cranes donated from school children from around the world.
The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was really well done, yet made me feel so very sad.
Memorial Cenotaph
Me ringing the Bell of Peace
Our trip to Japan had come to a close. Those ten days were quite the adventure. I learned so much about the Japanese culture, food, and history. I'd love to go back again some day!


Rachel said...

I would love to go here someday!

Lisa said...

My husband returned home just a bit over a week ago. He, too, visited Hiroshima and the Peach Park. Those pictures were so hard to look at. It just made my heart sad. But such a great reminder how important it is to love our neighbor.

Valerie said...

That must have been a hard place to be.I'm sure it was unforgettable.

Connie said...

This makes my heart ache! What an adventure you must have had!