Monday, October 27, 2014

Osaka, Japan

Brian's conferences were in Osaka so after two nights in Tokyo we took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Osaka. These high-speed trains are actually really cool--such a smooth ride and so fast!
While Brian was working I was brave and adventurous. Map in hand I took off to find Osaka-Jo or the Osaka Castle which was an hour walk from our hotel.
(Inui Turret)
The view of Osaka from the top of the castle was impressive. Notice the gold fish. Fish were placed on the roofs of wooden structures because they symbolize living water. It was believed that the fish would work as a good luck charm to stave off fire.
After my tour of the castle and museum I bought a steamed pork bun and ate it in the shade.
While I was savoring my pork bun, Brian had bought a Bento Box during his conference lunch break. Ooh, these are fun--all kinds of interesting Japanese delicacies to try.
Eating at restaurants was tricky. Most establishments we went to did not have English menus. The best way to choose our meal was to point to the plastic replicas of each menu item inside the restaurant's display case. This "fake food" was everywhere. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this case of desserts outside a bakery. It's all plastic!
The food in Japan was delicious--lots of seafood of course. Brian was more daring that I was, but I did branch out a little. I wish I had photos of all our meals. The tempura was fantastic and I always love rice and noodles. By the end of our trip I even had chopsticks figured out.
I grabbed a bag of rice crackers as a snack one day. All of them were fish-flavored, but that was OK. However, I couldn't handle the whole dried fish I found at the bottom of the bag. Brian enjoyed it though!
The presentation of this fish dish at the conference banquet made quite an impact.
Osaka was home base for a few more nights as we took day trips to Nara and Kyoto. Those posts are up next.
(Osaka Sunrise)


Valerie said...

Wonderful photos. You are more daring than I would be, I'm sure, with your food.

Laura H said...

Oh how fun! I sooo look forward to the time when I can go on conference trips with Doc--he's going to Europe 5 times next year, and he's always so sad that I can't share the adventures with him.

Marianne said...

Beautiful. Except for the fish. Yuck.

jennylarae9609 said...

Trevor served his mission in Japan. Can't wait for your other posts