Friday, June 27, 2014


A month ago Travis graduated from Timpview High School. He graduated with honors (gold cords) and with a Regents' Scholarship (medal). 
Travis and I
There is no question who is taller now.
Travis and Brian
Look! They really do love each other.
Abby and Travis
Even though high school was officially over, track would continue for Travis for a week or two. After his impressive performance at the decathlon at BYU, Travis was invited to compete at the Great Southwest Track and Field Classic in New Mexico.
He was amazing--PR'd (set a personal record) in six events and came in 6th overall.
Travis just keeps getting better and better. No wonder he received this award at the track banquet this year.
Kellie and Brian cheered him on in New Mexico. They took the "scenic route" home and drove through the Petrified Forest.
Kellie and Travis
Kellie and a petrified log
Atop windy Navajo Bridge on Route 89A in Arizona
There are lots of changes happening in Travis' life right now. Next step . . . preparing to leave in August for his LDS Mission.


Rachel said...

I love this post! Travis is growing up! Which means I'm…much older. He's going to be an awesome missionary.

Treble Clef ♪ said...

Great photos! Great family!

Saimi said...

Holy Cow Julie, what do you feed that boy?? He is a tall one! You have a beautiful family and how exciting it is looking forward to a mission!!

Valerie said...

I'm going through all the same things with my oldest right now. I just cannot believe he's 18 and will be leaving on a mission. And I can't believe I'm old enough to have an 18 year old. Just can't be real. :)

Congrats on all of Travis' accomplishments!

Jenny Lynn said...

WOW, our children are sure growing up fast. Congratulations on the Sterling Scholarship! That is something to be really proud of.