Friday, February 14, 2014

Art by Abby

Even though I've known it for quite a few years, I'm still amazed that we have an artist in the family. I, myself, can barely draw stick figures, yet my youngest offspring is one talented girl (in my humble maternal opinion.)
She drew this flag to represent a fictional country in Geography last semester.
 I received this drawing for Mother's Day last year. It is of Abby and I.
This one was entered into a recent art show at her High School.
Abby drew this tired-looking guy in her sketchbook over the course of several nights as Brian read Harry Potter aloud to her AGAIN. She says this type of expression is much easier to draw than a smiling one. Evidently smiles create too many lines.
Lastly, Abby brought this home from her Metals class yesterday. I think she did a great job especially since she says the spot-welder scared her and the rivets took a long time because of her lack of forearm strength. She was especially proud of the lid since it was of her own design.
Love you, Abby!


Rachel said...

She's a goofball. A loveable, talented, beautiful goofball, but one nonetheless. I love you too!

Saimi said...

Wow, that Abby is one talented young lady and a silly one at that!! Those are great works of art!

Valerie said...

I love seeing my children express themselves through their talents. Her work is outstanding.

Susan Hardy said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved seeing her work.