Thursday, January 30, 2014

Treasures from Travis

No matter how old he gets, I still cherish my son's handmade creations. Last year for Christmas Travis gave me an airplane he painstakingly built out of popsicle sticks and toothpicks. For weeks this project monopolized a corner of our kitchen counter. In between homework, basketball practice, and games he cut, crafted, and glued.
I was so impressed with his attention to detail.
He even put an "M" on the tail for "Mom".
Check out that engine and landing gear.
I think this guy has started some kind of tradition
because this year he gifted me with a tree.
Simply put . . . true treasures.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Soldier Hollow

It was a chilly but gorgeous day when we arrived at Soldier Hollow on the Friday morning between Christmas and New Year. I'd been wanting to try out their tubing hill for years.
Once we were checked in and tubes acquired everyone was towed to the top.
We then chose a lane, held on tight, and enjoyed the ride!
The kids had a great time racing each other down.
Abby claims she came in first.
Brian must have been in on it too. He's there on the far left.
I took a token "selfie" to prove I was indeed on the mountain as well.
We had a really fun morning going for speed and going for air. I loved when we would slide down in groups of two or three. I usually ended up screaming or laughing all the way down.
Travis and Kellie went down together for one of their last runs of the day. I wish I had recorded their skilled take-off, but at least you get a taste of the action.