Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dear Rachel (#19)

Dear Rachel,

It is now officially winter, but we've had snow on the ground for weeks.
During the day the sun's radiation usually burns the snow completely off the drive way and creates impressive icicles on our eaves that have pulled down the top row of our Christmas lights.
Our fall birthdays are now complete. The gifts you sent the kids were so thoughtful and perfect. Travis opted for cake bites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy for his "birthday cake". The red velvet ones are his favorite.
I can hardly believe your "little" brother is now 18!
Abby's eyes . . . typical. For HER birthday, she chose her usual--your dad's homemade rice pudding.
The church Christmas party landed on Abby's birthday this year AND she had a soccer game so we partied all day.
It seems that no matter how old you get, if crayons and paper are placed in front of you, doodling must occur. Abby drew a man with a mustache
while Travis drew a floating car.
They were both so thrilled with their artwork that when the party was over, they dismantled the "tablecloth" and taped their creations to our refrigerator. It's been a while since we've had kid art on our fridge.
It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I was called as our Stake Young Women's President. Did I ever introduce you to these amazing women I get to work with?
We will really miss having you and David here for Christmas this year. At least, we'll get to see you this summer. For now, enjoy this snowy view of home from our front yard.
 We love you LOTS and LOTS. Merry Christmas!



Rachel said...

Your posts never fail to make me laugh. :) Oh I miss you guys so much. Travis is such a handsome chap! And 18! Oh my gosh...

One can't simply make dad's rice pudding for 2 people. If I did, I would gain 15 pounds.

Both of their drawings are awesome! Abby's is amazing. I think the shading is pretty rad, but I never knew Travis had such talent!

Love and miss you to the moon and back! (And there and back again).

Valerie said...

Lots of fun packed into one post. Your kids' artwork is really good. My doodles are nothing worth putting on a fridge ever!

You look so beautiful in all your pics, as always.

Saimi said...

Ok, I love that their artwork is hung on the fridge! Proves your never to young to for the refrigerator hall of fame!

What a beautiful group of woman! I love our stake YW presidency, those ladies work so hard. I love my calling as the YW president in our ward.

Merry Christmas Julie!