Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Timpview's Homecoming Dance was in mid September this year, and Travis was ready. The theme was "Homecoming Royale" thus the James Bond pose.
Fortune cookies were involved in the asking this time.
He went with a terrific girl, had a fun group, and had a great time.


Saimi said...

Oh Julie what a good looking group of kids - wow!!! One of my boys graduated in 2007 so their prom was themed 007 and they had such a blast with the whole James Bond thing.

I love the creative box of fortune cookies!
Such fun times!

Lisa said...

What a creative way to ask a date! Cute group of kids and I can't help but notice all the lovely, modest dresses.

Rachel said...

Gah! Travis is adorable as is his date!

J. said...

How cute. What a great idea too--fortune cookies. Loved it.

Ginger said...

Beautiful photos! That is a good looking group of kids. Our kids have Homecoming next week. I almost forgot and still need to get Trayser's clothes! Yikes!

Lesa said...

I love all the cute modest dresses.