Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Rachel (#18)

Dear Rachel,

It's been months since my last blog letter so I am long overdue for an update. We are well into the routine of school now. Travis drives Abby every day and so far they haven't been tardy, although they are sleeping in later and later as the semester progresses.
Travis continually sabotages my Trick or Treat sign. I am resigned to leave it just like this.
Speaking of Travis, he passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review last week. Of course, we celebrated with food.
Travis was asked to Sadie's in a "sweet" and "punny" way.
I found a fun use for the Scrabble tiles you gave me.
Travis has been doing a lot of lifting to prep for basketball season. He thought for sure he could beat your dad in arm wrestling now, but alas, the 51-year-old won.
Saturday night we had a Berkeley Reunion. It's amazing how many of us have ended up in Utah. Do you recognize everyone?

I'm so excited to fly to Atlanta and see you in less than two weeks!

Love you and David lots,


AllisonK said...

The rat or tick made me laugh. Something my boys would do. Love your updates!

Rachel said...

Best Post Ever.

1. Rat or Tick made me guffaw. Thankfully no one was around to hear me.

2. I want donuts. Be prepared for the best donuts of your life in less than two weeks!

3. I'm pinning your use of the scrabble tiles. So cute.

4. It makes me smile that Dad can still beat Travis.

5. I actually only recognize half of them! But I bet if you point them out I'll know all.

6. I bet I'm more excited than you for October 31st!

Ginger said...

Ok. I just have to say - I love Travis. He is a hoot! Congrats to him on his Eagle! We are doing that very same thing soon... Getting the last two merit badges signed off today, actually. :)

Abby's hair is getting super long! She is a beautiful girl!

And isn't it wonderful when they can drive themselves to school? I'm so happy Colten is in high school this year and gets to ride with Trayser. I get to leave 15 minutes later! woo hoo!

Lisa said...

I bet you miss your daughter so much! My son is serving his Mission in the Atlanta area. Right now he is in Lawrenceville.

Valerie said...

Love the sign! Kids make life fun. :)

Marianne said...

Rat or Tick. Awesome. Also, I love the photo of Brian and Travis arm wrestling. SO CUTE. I have to say, it looks to me like you live a completely charmed life. And I love to read about it on your blog!!

Jenny Lynn said...

The rat or tick...had me laughing. Awe, kids! Great post!