Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sulphur Mountain

When Brian was 14 his family moved to Santa Paula--a small agricultural town in Ventura County. This is where he took me three months after we met and where we officially became engaged.
(Santa Paula, California, 2013)
We had toured Brian's hometown when the kids were very young, but it had been 29 years since we had set foot on Sulphur Mountain.
(View from Sulphur Mountain, 2013)
This grassy knoll was the spot where Brian and his dad spent many a Saturday (during Brian's teen years) flying radio-controlled airplanes. The wind was usually perfect here.
(Brian in front of his Santa Paula home, 1981)
(Brian's Dad, 1981)
(View from Sulphur Mountain, 1981)
When I first visited Santa Paula Brian took me "flying" as well. Of course, we went to his traditional mountaintop site.
(Me on Sulphur Mountain, April 1984)
(Brian on Sulphur Mountain, April 1984)
Brian crashed his plane that day. He claims I was a bit of a distraction. :)


Rachel said...

I love these photos! I don't remember seeing the one of Grandpa before, though. I love your posts! Keep writing!

CB said...

I love the old photo's! The 80's - SO miss them!! What great memories and so fun to be able to visit this special place with your kids!

Shannon said...

What fun history!

Valerie said...

Beautiful mountains!! And you look so cute, then and now.

Mom to Many said...

Love the old lunch box! My Dad carried one like that when I was a kid!

Amelia said...

This is adorable!