Monday, May 13, 2013

Hiking the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

To celebrate spring finally arriving in Provo Brian surprised me one Monday morning by suggesting a spontaneous hike along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.
After spending the night at our house for a self-proclaimed "spring break" Kellie drove us to our starting point in Springville. We set off from this craggy canyon and headed north towards Slate Canyon.
I need to brush up on my wildflower identification. Blooms were all along our path and, honestly, lifted my spirit.
These looked like they could be wild snapdragons.
(Utah Milkvetch?)
I term this some type of flowering ground cover. Beautiful.
(Longleaf Phlox?)
Brian is about as cooperative as Abby when it comes to picture taking.
We ran into a couple shelters/hide-outs along the way
and an old abandoned lime mine.
We quite enjoyed the view
UNTIL we spied this long snake stretched across our path.
Nevertheless, I loved our morning in the foothills and hope it becomes a habit this summer.


Deb said...

Love the shadow kissing at the end! Gorgeous.

2busy said...

The snake would have freaked me out...

Jennilyn said...

Fun hike, up to that snake, yes! Eekk!

Ginger said...

You are so blessed to live where it is so green! We are so brown this time of year. I love the wildflowers. They are gorgeous! A hike like that would surely be a dose of good medicine.

What a nice way to spend some time together. :)

Garden of Egan said...

Springs arrival really deserves celebrating.

Cute shadow picture.

Valerie said...

Such pretty pics. That snake woulda creeped me out!

Saimi said...

Julie what a beautiful hike! I love the wild flowers, we come across those on our rides but in the desert they never last long so I feel honored to see them as they are rare.

Marianne said...

THE SNAKE!!! I can't believe you took a picture of a snake....

In spite of that, though, it looks like a beautiful beautiful morning. I love your life!!