Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Rachel (#16)

Dear Rachel,

How did this happen? Your little brother grew up and went to Junior Prom!
He had a great time. Both he and Mallory had to run the 800 meter race at the BYU Invitational track meet the day of Prom so they went directly to their "day date" (paint balling with seven other couples) from the meet. In the evening they had dinner at Gloria's Little Italy in downtown Provo followed by promenade and the dance held this year at the new Utah Valley Convention Center. I wonder if Timpview is the only school that continues the tradition of a having a real promenade at prom?
Prom wasn't the only celebration on our agenda. I did indeed have another birthday. I am in awe that I am actually 49. How did that happen?
Grandma Stoker made me this awesome apron. She's getting back into sewing now that she has a new sewing machine. Any guesses what I'm making for dinner?
I went to IFA Country Store today to pick up some cat food, and I definitely felt like a city girl when this display stopped me in my tracks.
The sweet little chicks were constantly cheeping and easily startled. Poor things.
When the kids and I arrived at church on Sunday morning your dad and I discovered that we matched. A springtime couple picture was definitely in order.
Take a picture of you and David for me and enjoy your Atlanta spring.

Love you!



Wanessa said...

Parabéns Julie..
Muitas felicidades pra voce
Linda familia..

Lesa said...

I love the prom dates shoes! Happy Belated Birthday. I remembered but forgot to send you a birthday wish. I love the apron, very cute:)

Susan said...

OK, I bite. What is a real promenade? I looked it up online. Do the attendees make a grand entrance and get introduced at his high school?

Rachel said...

a) Mallory looks beautiful! And Travis looks great. Really, really great. :)

b) Travis' picture at your birthday is fantastic.

c) You're cooking the spagetti sauce that I have yet to recreate.

d) You're beautiful. I think you look younger than me. What a fantastic picture of the two of you.

e) And I love YOU!

Julie said...

Susan, Rachel and Kellie had their proms at the Utah County Courthouse which has beautiful stairs outside on the front of the building. Their dates would escort them down the stairs then back up as their names were read. Since Travis' prom was held inside the Utah Valley Convention Center they had a stage set up that they walked across. Again, the girl's name was read followed by the name of her escort. :)

Garden of Egan said...

Happy belated birthday. You are a darling woman.
Love the yellow.

Looks like the prom was quite a beautiful affair. Cute couples getting all dressed up is so fun!

Jenny Lynn said...

Happy Belated Birthday. You look amazing.

I enjoy seeing everyone dress up in their special prom attire and taking cute photos.

J. said...

So cute. Prom is still a ways off for us, which is fine with me :)

Marianne said...

I love this post. You look fantastic. Your family looks great! I love the matchy spring photo.

We need to get together. Could you meet for lunch sometime?