Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time to Ask to Prom

It's that time of the year when we rack our brains for a creative way to ask a girl to Prom. Actually, Travis is the one doing the asking, but I am the one supplying the ideas. Many suggestions were offered, and finally this one proved satisfactory to that 17-year old son of mine.
The concept was easy and simple.  Scrabble tiles were hot-glued onto long skewers and stuck strategically amongst an arrangement of flowers.
The tiled letters of Travis' first and last name were jumbled up in a little bag attached to the vase. A small tag contained the hint that the asker's first name is spelled with six letters.
We had to go with orange roses because we are Timpview (orange and blue) after all.
Now, we just hope she says, "Yes!"

The Shabby Nest    Or so she says     The 36th AVENUE

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My House Has Stars

My House Has Stars
by Abby

My house has trees, many kinds of trees and plants. Aspen and maple stand, their branches protruding and bearing glorious leaves that fill the ground and sky with arrays of color in the fall. Ivy crawls along weathered brick and flowers purple in the spring. Bushes grow along the perimeter, slowly lighting fire in the fall. Their red and pink leaves cast shadows in the evening. My house has trees.

My house has cats. They find nooks and crannies to curl up into. Sleeping the day away. Their fur is soft and their eyes are bright. Always searching for their prey, they scan keenly the area and often spot a mouse lying in the grass. They sometimes bring them home as presents. One is young and spry and was not long ago a kitten. She jumps and plays with anything that moves. The other is old and wise and never is too energetic, he watches and observes. But the oldest and wisest of all is always outside. He never leaves the rose bushes, or the soil where they are grounded. But silently he watches and observes beneath the shadows of the towering aspen trees. My house has cats.

My house has stars. They gaze at me in the night. Glowing green, yellow, orange and pink. They steal the light from the sun and gather energy from the light bulbs. On my ceiling they wait until night comes, where they can shine and release the stolen energy. But they glow for me at night scaring away the monster and demons that have barbed tails and gleaming teeth. So I lay there every night, underneath the stars. My house has stars.