Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear Rachel (#13)

Dear Rachel,
I had to show you the COLOR I found at the John Johnson home in Hiram, Ohio. Just look at these fireplace mantels and trim. I really like the contrast with the white walls.
How do you like this painted checkerboard floor? If only I could be so daring . . .
This is an example of feather painting which the Johnsons did on all the woodwork in their kitchen. Yes, they actually painted the design with feathers.
Never judge a house by its exterior, right? Do you remember going here when you were young? Some pretty significant events in our Church's history occurred here. Joseph Smith, the Prophet, received many revelations in this home, and that room with the checkered floor was where he was pulled from his bed in the dead of night, dragged across the street, and tarred and feathered by an angry mob.
I was really fascinated by the Lake-Stone houses in upstate New York.
The sign on this property states that "Lake-stone buildings were first built in this area by English artisans who came here to work on the Erie Canal. After the canal was completed in 1825, they found employment by constructing stone houses. Approximately 700 of these structures were built in this part of the state."
Check out the color and design of the room we stayed in near Palmyra--definitely not the typical hotel look. I like it!
Finally, look at the rainbow of color that settled perfectly over Grandma's house this summer. (That's Marlee and Grandma going inside.)
I think I am at the point in my life when I finally notice the details that matter and truly appreciate them like I never did before--brilliant color being just one of those.

Have a great week and Happy October!



Garden of Egan said...

Love the colors. I think I would love a bright fireplace mantle.

Beautiful rainbow!

Saimi said...

My favorite is the yellow mantle! I love color, but not daring enough to sport it in my house! The rainbow is a nice finishing touch. Goes to show God loves color too!

Rachel said...

I do remember going there, but I certainly don't remember the awesome mantles. Maybe in my someday house I'll have a colorful mantle (but probably not featured prominently. :)

Thanks for the letter. Loves!

landbeck said...

I knew as soon as you said "color" and "1830s Ohio" which house you were talking about. I took dozens of pictures there (while chaperoning a youth conference three summers ago) to show Jennilyn the same thing!

Marianne said...

WOW to those mantles!! I am SUCH a wimp when it comes to color--I'm very conservative. But when I see something like this, I am sorely tempted to try and expand my horizons!!

2busy said...

Great rainbow! I love the colors on those fireplaces. Beautiful workmanship.

Dixie Mom said...

Love all those colors. I wish I were more brave to try color in my home.

Jenny Lynn said...

The colors are brilliant! Wish my land lord would be cool with me painting color on every wall in our house. But, I know she would not approve.