Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Palmyra, New York

Our last goal for our family vacation this summer was to visit sites that have historical significance for our Church. So, from Boston we traveled west through upstate New York until we arrived in the quaint town of Palmyra.
Our first stop was the visitor's center at the Hill Cumorah.
After a quick climb to the top we headed to the Smith Family Farm and the Sacred Grove.

Next, we toured the site of the publication of the first Book of Mormon (Grandin Building) in historic downtown Palmyra. We ran into one of Kellie's friends who used to play basketball and soccer with her in high school. She is serving an 18-month mission for our church in this area.
Not far from Palmyra in Waterloo is the Peter Whitmer Log Home where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized in 1830.
This video tells the story of my Church's beginnings. It will help you understand why we wanted to bring our children here. I believe and know that these things really did happen. Email me if you want to know more.


Wanessa said...

Beautiful places and beautiful family!

Momza said...

Oh Julie! You know how much I love seeing the pictures of this sacred place as my own daughter is serving her mission there too. She is rotating thru the different historic sites, and just last week was at the Peter Whitmer farm. I haven't been there, but hope to go once she is home. Thanks so much for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful pictures. This is one church historical site that I've never been to. I'll have to take the opportunity soon!

Saimi said...

Good for you and your family Julie! What amazing pictures I can only imagine what it was like to truly walk where it all took place! The Sacred Grove, man is it ever beautiful and check out those cabins. WoW!

That's one place I haven't been yet, but by the looks of your pictures, I see we need to go there!

Very nice and beautiful family you have there!

Jenny Lynn said...

I would love to take my family to the sacred grove. It seems like you have had some really wonderful adventures. I love the first photo of your family in front of the Christ Statue.

Kazzy said...

Been there many times and I love each and every time. So glad you got to go.

J. said...

I was there many years ago before I got married. I'd love to take my kids though! What a neat experience.

Lesa said...

My husband and I went to all those places last summer (2011). I'd love to go back and take my children there!

2busy said...

I so want to go on a Church history tour sometime.

Haunani said...

Oh, these pictures are beautiful! We've never been, but Palmyra is definitely on our list of places we want to go! Thanks for sharing the video, too. LOVED it!

Marianne said...

What beautiful photos, and what a wonderful opportunity for your family. As I look at these photos, though, one thing keeps going through my mind...

Travis is so TALL!!!!

I love you guys so much.

Garden of Egan said...

I hope to be able to go their someday.
Was it muggy?

You are all so cute!