Friday, September 28, 2012

Kirtland, Ohio

Historic Kirtland, Ohio is probably one of the places in my church's history that I enjoy visiting the most. Significant modern-day spiritual events occurred in this area, and one can't help but feel God's poignant whisperings as stories and experiences of the early Latter-day Saints were shared by both missionaries of the Mormon faith and by members of the Community of Christ as well.
The Kirtland Temple
Us at the Newel K. Whitney Store
The Whitney store and many other structures in historic Kirtland have been either restored or reconstructed to look like they did in the 1830s when the Mormons gathered to this city.
Inside the Whitney Store
The Trading and Bartering Room
Newel K. and Elizabeth Ann Whitney Home
The Keeping Room in the Whitney home
I loved this vegetable "cage" in the Whitney's garden.
The Ashery
Chemistry going on at the Ashery
Our summer "vacation" was coming to a close. It was a great trip--lots of walking, wandering and learning. Yes, there was some grumbling and bad moods and too much time together, but there was also laughter, smiles, and memories shared. Some of the best were never captured in photographs--night time swims in hotel pools, finding a high school track where we all ran and exercised together, and of course, the glorious eating (where I didn't have to cook a thing.) 
Heading "home"
I wonder where we'll be going next year.


J. said...

Lovely pictures! What a great summer.

Rachel said...

I vote you come to Atlanta!:)

Saimi said...

I love historical places! There is so much to learn and appreciate from them. What a great family vacation!

Mom to Many said...

Very cool! I hope to go there some day.

Kazzy said...

I love Kirtland! It is so full of the spirit!