Friday, August 3, 2012

The High Uintas

Betsy Lake
Brian took these photos on his iPhone last week while camping with our church group in the High Unitas. The boys (including Travis) were all 14-18 year olds--ten boys and five leaders total. They spent five nights and six days exploring the Granddaddy Basin while hiking, fishing, swimming, and relaxing.
Travis with Pine Island Lake in the background
The beauty of this place speaks for itself.
Pine Island Lake
Grandaddy Basin near Pine Island Lake
Travis (middle) had a great time with his friends.
I'm glad Brian thought to take a few pictures for me. I left them as they came--no editing whatsoever. I especially love that he thought to take this shot (below). He said he knew I would like it. I do believe he is starting to "get me" as far as photography goes.
There is so much of this remarkable world to explore. Some day I will see this part of it for myself.


the letter e said...

The photos make me want to go there right now. It looks so relaxing.

Sue said...

What a gorgeous place to be.

Those church camping trips constitute some of my boys' favorite memories with their dad.


Garden of Egan said...

Such beautiful pictures!
I love it.
Such a great opportunity for all of us to enjoy the peace of such splendor.

J. said...

Wow. Beautiful. Your family has had some pretty cool trips this year!

2busy said...

What a beautiful pictures! I can't even begin to explore all the wonders of this Earth. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Was that High Adventure camp?

Jenny Lynn said...

The photos are beautiful. My oldest enjoyed hiking and camping on more than one occasion there. I have yet to go.

~Love Lis said...

Oh so pretty! I love spending time in the mountains.

Ginger said...

Wow! What a neat experience for those guys! Brian did a great job on the pictures. :)