Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Búzios, Brazil

My last adventure of the summer took me to Brazil with Brian while he attended the International Conference of Chemical Thermodynamics (ICCT). On August 4 we arrived in Rio de Janeiro after flying almost 4 hours to Atlanta (where we were able to meet up with Rachel and David briefly in the airport) and nine plus hours to Rio. We then boarded a bus and traveled three more hours north to the resort town of Búzios. I was exhausted, to say the least, but the sunsets in Brazil helped calmed my weary soul.
Tres Pescadores, Búzios, Brazil
Below is the view of Búzios from the porch of our hotel room.
Once known only to pirates and slave traders Búzios is now a popular vacation destination for Latins and international visitors alike. It is a quaint fishing village complete with cobblestone streets, numerous restaurants, and plenty of souvenir shops.
Since Búzios lies on a peninsula there were many different beaches for us to explore.
Brian at Praia Azeda (Azeda Beach)
A schooner at Praia Azeda
Me at Praia João Fernandes
The view of Praia João Fernandes from my beach chair
I wonder what type of Brazilian "duck" this is.
It was a new experience to be in the Southern Hemisphere and have the sun rise and set to the north. There was no Orion or Big Dipper, but the sky was just as beautiful.
Very few people spoke English in Búzios and that was a real challenge. We managed to survive with our limited Spanish and online Portuguese dictionary, however. At times we weren't exactly sure what we had ordered for our meals, but our taste buds were satisfied with the traditional cheese bread,  empanadas, fish stew, black beans, and dulce de leche of Brazil. 

After almost a week of relaxing to the point of laziness in Búzios we returned to Rio de Janeiro for the weekend before flying home.
 The brand new Ponte do Saber bridge in Rio de Janeiro
More photos of our adventure in Rio are next.


Valerie said...

What an exciting adventure!! You did such a wonderful job capturing the beauty.

2busy said...

Oh wow, look at you! A regular jet setter. Those pictures are so lovely and the beaches SO inviting.

Ginger said...

It looks like an amazing trip! Your pictures are always so gorgeous. You truly have a talent. So glad you made it home safely!

Marianne said...

Oh, Julie. It looks heavenly. I'm so glad you got to go!

And lovely, lovely photos.

Kristin said...

So many amazing summer adventures, but this one takes the cake! Enjoy and thanks for sharing the beautiful and inspiring photos!


Garden of Egan said...

All I can say is wow!

What an absolutely fabulous trip! So happy that you could go!

Sue said...

This is so charming and picturesque. Makes me want to climb right into the photos!


Janey - UtValleyFoodie said...

Love the pictures! I know who to ask for advice when we start traveling...

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Wow!! What an amazing experience! How beautiful Buzios and it's beaches are. I have heard that Rio de Janeiro is quite lovely too. Thanks so much for sharing your trip - I really enjoyed your photos!

Marvett Smith said...

I'm so glad you have had so many opportunities to see the world this year. These images are gorgeous! Hope your summer was amazing!