Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Rachel (#11)

Dear Rachel,
The two places I wanted to visit while we were in D.C./Virginia were my old home on Ann Street and the Watergate Pastry shop. We did both. Look at this napoleon. Perfection!
A napoleon from the Watergate Pastry
Do you remember back in September when I wrote about my memories of the Watergate after our trip to Italy? Now I have my own photos to reminisce over.
Abby at the iconic Watergate fountain
I was thrilled to find the marzipan creatures I talked about. I suspect they were left over from Christmas, but they were there none the less.
Here are your Virginia cousins (minus Marlee who was still in Idaho) and your siblings. Arik loved having Travis around. They broke out all of Arik's Nerf weapons and soon a great war erupted.

When it got dark Charlene walked us to "The Viewing Spot" (as Darcie calls it) to see the fireflies. I have never seen so many of them in one place before. Charlene said we saw them at their peak. Do you ever see fireflies in Atlanta?
Kellie, Arik, Travis, Abby, Kara, and Darcie
When we explored  the National Museum of American History the First Ladies Dresses were a must-see, of course. I was surprised at how meticulously Abby went through that exhibit. She waited patiently in line to read each placard describing each dress. Here she is with Michelle Obama's Inaugural Ball gown.
It was so dark in the museum. This iPhone photo was the best I could get.
Lastly, I want to show you the only "decent" picture I took of the Washington D.C. Temple where your Dad and I were married. We were traveling the opposite direction on the Beltway to get the ideal "cloud and castle" picture, but I snapped this one with my phone any way. Lovely, isn't it? Yes, that is the rain-spotted side mirror of our rented van.
It took us about 5 hours and exactly $37.55 in tolls to get from Washington D.C. to New York City. I'll share that adventure soon.

Love you and David lots!



Garden of Egan said...

That Napolean looks heavenly!
Such a fun trip for your Memory Lane!!!

Looking forward to seeing more pix.

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

I love how the temple pops up on the highway. Oh toll roads- I don't miss them!

the letter e said...

I am enjoying your posts about your trip. And I think the picture of the temple is perfect.

2busy said...

We were married in the DC Temple, too. It is the most magnificent looking, in my humble opinion. Especially when you come around the bend in the highway and there it is towering over the trees. It is spectacular.

Rachel said...

Wow! That is a lot of money in tolls. And we get lots of fireflies in Atlanta, but not so much in the city itself. Go to Aunt Barbara's and you'll see tons. I also love the first lady dresses exhibit. Thanks for the letter/post. Love you!

Saimi said...

Been there! Been there!! Love the Washington D.C. Temple!! I've also seen Fireflies, they are so cool!! Something we would never see here out west that's for sure!

" Hit It......." said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I would have loved to see the dress exhibit too. You make laugh....I have had pictures turn out that way before but I want the shot!

Can't wait to hear about your other adventures in New York.

Jenny Lynn said...

you seem to have had the ultimate family adventure. Those tolls were costly.