Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Rat in the Subway

Yes, we saw a rat scurrying across the subway tracks in New York City, and believe it or not, my kids thought that was probably one of the coolest things we saw there--stereotypical expectations, I assume.

I didn't capture the varmint in action, but I did photograph several other iconic New York images.
For some reason walking across the Brooklyn Bridge topped Kellie's list of excursions for our second (and final) day in the city.
Brian and Kellie
It was HOT and HUMID, but we persevered to the first tower and sought refuge in its shade.
Travis and Abby
Does any one know the significance of these locks clamped on several protruding metal pieces?
Along with our sweltering hike across the Brooklyn Bridge, we took in the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island via the Staten Island Ferry.
The Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Brian and Abby
Travis and Kellie
The blocks surrounding those two tallest buildings were another destination--the 9/11 Memorial and the site of the new World Trade Center. At the time of our visit only the two pools set in the footprints of the original Twin Towers were open.
It is a beautiful and solemn space.
There are two other images captured on my iPhone that I want to share.
There was never any question when we were in the Fashion District and this parking garage definitely caught my attention.
We really loved walking the streets of New York City and especially riding the subway--even if it did include that infamous rat.


Rachel said...

Great post. That parking garage is very unique...

Jenny Lynn said...

That is some interesting way to park cars.

A rat! Hmmm, I have heard they look about the size of a cat in some cases. I am not sure I would want to see one.

The rest of your the pictures were fun to see. Your trip sounds like it was a fun one.

Sue said...

ugh on the rate.

Great pics! Love the Statue of Liberty...


Natalie said...

Couples attach the locks together as a symbol of their unbreakable love. I wonder if they hike back up there with a bolt cutter if things don't work out? LOL. I love you pictures so much. It feels like being on vacation myself :-)

Lisa said...

Ah I love NYC...except the rats! Looks like you are having a wonderful visit.

Jenny said...

I love your pictures and want to hear all about your trip! Ed has a picture of a parking garage in France that he was really impressed with. You two are so funny. And rad.

Lisa said...

I never tire of NYC. But, I agree with Kellie that the Brooklyn Bridge would be a cool adventure. It has been on my list, but never achieved because it would take so much time. Maybe some day!

Mrs.Spy said...

Picture 10...the building on the left with the pyramid shaped top is where my husband works.

I'm loving these posts, Julie! Your kids look as sticky and tired as mine do. Thank heavens there are people selling 4 dollar popsicles on every corner.:)

Valerie said...

From all the pics on your vacation posts, it looks like you had lots of fun. I love going on vacation with my family no matter where we go. Making memories!! Glad you could do so much together.

Garden of Egan said...

That sounds like it was such an amazing trip! You totally hit all the awesome places for sure.
The parking garage is awesome.