Thursday, March 15, 2012

Melted Bead Fun

My kids have been creating with Perler beads for years. How fun to find a new use for them via Pinterest--a melted bead bowl. (The original link is here and here along with a fun how-to video.)
Of course, when I showed Abby my pin on Pinterest she jumped at the chance to make one herself. She didn't stop at just one bowl, but made a smaller version as well.
Then, she made a plate.
Her creativity really kicked in at that point, and she cleverly came up with a way to make a cup.
We now have an entire place setting (minus the utensils, which Abby desperately tried to figure out how to do.)
We inadvertently used two different types of beads and they each melted a bit differently. One type was the original Perler beads and the other was from Ikea. (I can't remember which was which.)

Abby's first attempt at the cup was unsuccessful.
For her second attempt, we put the glass inside a mug with more vertical sides and we baked it in the oven for twice as long. Success!
This was a really fun kid-friendly craft which we never would have come up with on our own. Thanks Pinterest!

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" Hit It......." said...

Julie, this is cool. I need to show my daughter this one. Thanks for joining my blog. I hope you don't mind if I stop over here as well.

btw - It was a pleasure to meet you last Saturday.

Shannon said...

I've never even heard of Perler beads. Looks like fun. I'm afraid to spend time on Pinterest in case I never get off!

Kimmie said...

One of the things I love about the era we live in is all of the COOL things you learn from people via blog and or Pinterest! I have never even heard of these beads, but what a FUN project! I just recently got put in as the 2nd Counselor in Young Women's and this would be a REALLY fun project for the Beehive girls that I teach!! I love all of the awesome things you share with us...I also think you're an amazing woman as well!

Joan said...

The really beautiful, well done .. ;)I'm glad you could use the idea :D

- Joan /

Susan R said...

That is one great big burst of color. Where do you buy those kinds of beads?
That is a cool art project.

2busy said...

My daughter loves those beads. What a fun and different use for them! Thanks for sharing.

Ann Marie said...

We have those beads.. and I need to get them out and let the kids be creative!

You are such a fun Mom!

Garden of Egan said...

I had not heard of them before.
I'm kinda wondering how the milk is gonna stay in the bowl when she pours it on her Cheerios.

Clever kiddo!

Sue said...

How cool to have the whole place setting. And pretty creative on the cup!


Erin Bittman said...

Wow, that's awesome that you made a whole place setting!

Erica said...

so I was looking at the girl in the pictures thinking that looks like my friend Rachel! then I realized that you are her mom! What a fun project ;)

Pedaling said...

pinterest is da bomb!

I love the bright colors and her creativity! Thanks for the links- my 12 year old would love to give it a try!

So fun to meet you last week. I'm hoping we can hook up again in person--love new bloggy friends!

Have a great week-end!

All Our Fun said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for the play by play pix! I'm feeling so motivated. My 14 y.o. (Mariah) will LOVE this project!!!! TFS

Susan said...

I think I may have to check out IKEA! Did their beads work at all? Was it just the the bead mix had different melting points? I love the colors!

Julie said...

Susan, the IKEA beads DID work. They either melted like the first picture (where they look more string-like) or melted like the cup and plate (a bit smoother.) Sorry I can't remember which was which. Some beads were from IKEA and some were Perler beads.

Wanessa said...

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Pink said...

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