Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Rachel (#7)

Dear Rachel,

As you know, your Dad traveled to Geneva, Switzerland and then to England last week. My only request (besides that he come home safely) was that he bring me some Swiss chocolate. He generously obliged.
I also asked him to take some photos with his iPhone while in Europe. He was pretty busy, but he tried. This one was my favorite. It is of Taunton School where he spent a day.
I bought the fabric for this pillow almost two years ago and finally finished it. Thanks for walking me through (on the phone) how to make your fabric flowers
It is meant to coordinate with the other pillows I made for my room.
Here is my newly "refurbished" reading nook. (Actually, it is where I sprawl in the mornings to play Words with Friends and where I do a bit of reading.)
There is one last thing I want to show you--a pillow cover I made from a too-small DownEast basics skirt of Abby's. Luckily, this time I didn't have to make the flowers. I carefully removed them from the skirt and basted them on.
I think I have a bit of a throw pillow obsession. Do you need any for your apartment?

Love you and David lots!



Marvett Smith said...

Love the pillows, and I'm so jealous about that chocolate!

Valerie said...

B-e-a-u-tiful pillows!!!

Ginger said...

Your pillows look great! And I love your bedroom... would you come decorate my house for me please? I'm decorating challenged in a serious way! :)

So jealous about the chocolates, but I love the picture of the school you shared!

Momza said...

Lovely fabrics! Pillows add so much!

2busy said...

What a sweet post to your daughter! Love the pillows, and I love your bedroom. Somehow I can't keep my side tables looking like that. They are usually covered in some kind of reading material or remotes. I just can't keep a handle on it.

Amelia said...

That's a lot of beautiful!

Jenny said...

YUM! Just don't get any of that chocolate on the pillows.

Rachel said...

How ironic that I was talking to you about pillows earlier today. I love the pillows, but you have an obsession. :) And yes indeed, I *need* some pillows. Or pillow covers for the two I already have for my couch. They're boring.

Wish I was there to snitch some of that chocolate.

Loves! (And thanks for the update :) )

Sue said...

What a beautiful school! And your reading nook looks very inviting.


Cherie said...

Love your pillows - they turned out sooo cute! I love all the matching ones too and the color combo. Good job!

Enjoy the chocolate - YUM!

Garden of Egan said...

I love the pillows and your reading nook.
You are most clever.

You should have gone to Europe with him.

Susan R said...

Julie you are a girl after my own heart. My friend recently came home from a mission to Switzerland and the only thing he wanted me to send him was "canned chili" and the only thing I asked him to send me was chocolate. The funny thing is that most of the chocolate he sent, I could have bought here. Oh well.
I love the photo of the school, it's beautiful and those pillows are fabulous. Well done.

Kristin said...

OooOoo! Enjoy that chocolate, much better than a T shirt :) And the pillows look fabulous, I'm thinking about crawling right into that 'so comfy' reading nook :)


Nessa Bixler said...

I love the black, white and green in your bedroom. I would take a few of every single one of those pillows! So pretty.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love your room. It looks very serene--and a great place to sit, read and eat all that chocolate!!

ruthie said...

You lucky girl! My son was in England for two years and he sent and brought some of their delicious chocolate back. Yumm... said...

I would absolutely ask for chocolate too!

I love your pillows. Gingham is my favorite print too!

Annie said...

That gingham chair and green pillow are SO cute - love the flowers! And that chocolate looks so good :)

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