Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Rachel (#2)

Dear Rachel,

I think it's time for another pictorial update. Abby followed your lead and has made a number of headbands since you left. The majority haven't been very successful, but this one made her very happy. She created it completely by herself. She did end up with a nice hot-glue gun blister on the tip of her finger, though, which she nursed for several days.
Cross-country has officially ended for Travis. I had no idea what a cross-country meet entailed until this Fall. The number of runners in this invitational in Murray was particularly overwhelming. I tried to capture the scene with my iPhone.
Travis loves running now and has improved significantly over the season. He basically PR'd (set a personal record) at almost every meet. These pictures are from Regionals where he ran Varsity. It was a cold and rainy day, but he had a great morning.
Guess what I saw outside our kitchen window today? I grabbed my camera and shot these through the glass and screen. It made me smile.

We miss you and love you lots!



Rachel said...

aww! Thanks! I love it! Travis is certainly a ladies man. :) Tell him I think he's a stud. hehe. And great job Abby with the headband! It's beautiful!
Loves, Rachel

Garden of Egan said...

That is a "few" cross country runners!

Glad he has done so well.

Love the headband. It is so cute.

I'm leaving the rest of my apples in the tree and I'm not going to feel a bit guilty about it. I want to see the birds enjoying it.

Ginger said...

Great shots! And I love the headband... so cute! Kaeli would love it!

Saimi said...

That bird eating the apple is so cute, as is the head band, and while were one the topic, so is your son!

Congratulations on his run!!

Saimi said...

That bird eating the apple is so cute, as is the head band, and while were one the topic, so is your son!

Congratulations on his run!!

Dixie Mom said...

Whoa. That IS a ton of runners.
I love how the bird is getting nourishment from your apples. Sweet.
Great pictures!

This Little Life of Mine said...

great pics! & the headband turned out very nice!

Sue said...

I love your daughters freckles and coloring. What a cute girl!

And your son's not half bad, either.

But that bird needs to move on!


Marvett Smith said...

Awesome images, and I love your girl's freckles too!

rebecca said...

those headbands are super cute on your beautiful daughter. wish I had one to keep the growing bangs out of my face.

NatureGirl said...

That is SO lovely! What a great moment...

Sonya Lee said...

How cool! I enjoyed your pictures. Is that an apple tree in your yard? Gorgeous apples (well, minus the bird bites.)

Joy For Your Journey said...

That was sweet. And I love the picture of the cross country meet. It brought back a lot of memories--not from running but from going to watch my old boy friend run. Plus I was the sports editor for our school newspaper so I had to go for that reason as well. :-)

Valerie said...

Beautiful headband and model!
I admire athletes, as I am very far from one.
And I love birds so I think those photos are gorgeous!

Deila said...

OK, those are great pics of the bird and apple -- love it. Your kids are special too ;)

Kristin said...

Hee Hee Hee - I had quite a few apples with a similar appearance on my apple trees but wasn't lucky enough to catch the lovely predator on film - way to go!!