Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dear Rachel (#1)

Dear Rachel,

You've recently asked for more pictures and for more news from home. This letter to you (and David, of course) is my solution. Perhaps this correspondence will arrive once a week, maybe less frequently, but hopefully it will help you feel like you are still connected to home even though you are 1500 miles away.

On Sunday we all heard the exciting news that the Provo Tabernacle would be rebuilt as the second LDS temple in Provo. When the announcement was made Dad was upstairs on the phone dealing with the insurance agency about his wrecked car. He thought for sure we had switched channels and were watching a football game instead of General Conference when he heard our shouts of joy.

I drove by the Tabernacle on Tuesday and took a picture for you. Here's how it looks this first week of October, 2011.
While there I ran into the "main man" who has been at the site since that fateful day last December when the Tabernacle burned. He told me the building has been shored up for the Winter and that he will be meeting with the temple architect this week. It looks like construction will start some time in the Spring. I will document the progress for you!
Someone posted this sign on the wall in front of the Tabernacle along with white handkerchiefs and balloons. The balloons had popped, but the sign and handkerchiefs remain along with a second message right next to the first.
We told you about Dad's accident on the way to the BYU game last Friday. It wasn't his fault, but it is, oh, so very sad. Even though his car is only a Honda Civic SI and not the typical midlife crisis car (like a Ferrari or Porsche) your dad adored it none-the-less. I learned to take deep cleansing breaths whenever he took corners or whizzed around a driver that was a bit too slow. Even when repaired, the car will never be the same.
Abby has taken a liking to wearing her hair in two braids whenever she plays soccer. No one else on her team does this, and I am certain that is why she enjoys doing so.
It seems to be a tradition now. Whenever General Conference rolls around (twice a year) Abby begs me to braid her hair in little braids all over her head. Day and night they "set" with the result being a head full of perfectly crimped and curled tresses come Monday morning. I think Travis was a bit bored because he took a turn combining them even further when my assignment was completed.
It obviously took some intense concentration.
It's Homecoming week on campus. The flags are flying and the Y on the mountain is lit up every night. It's definitely Autumn in Utah.
We miss you and love you lots!



Rachel said...

Yay!!!!! Thank you! You totally made my day! I love all the pictures so much!

Love YOU!

Ginger said...

I've never been to the Provo Tabernacle, but I felt the sadness as with you up there when it burned. What a great thing to have it rebuilt.

Your husband's poor car! I hope he hasn't suffered any aches and pains as a result of the accident. I was in an accident similar to that where I was T-boned on my side of the car several years ago. I had bruised ribs and a banged up knee and hurt for several months... so I hope he isn't hurting!

Thank you for sharing a snippet of your life! I love it! :)

Ann Marie said...

I have never been to the Provo Tabernacle either.. but when it burned.. I sobbed. My 3rd Great Grandfather did much of the woodwork inside. Now.... I feel so happy to know that he worked to make a building beautiful.. that would once be a House of the Lord.

Cried at the announcement.. and was teary reading the awesome note left on the wall. Such happiness!
The Gospel is great!

Sorry about your husbands car.. :(

Deb in UT said...

Thank you for sharing this with all of us! I did't know about the Provo Tabernacle poetry. Very cool. And the pictures are all great to see. You have a fun family. Yes, sad about the car. We had a favorite like that full of memories that was totaled-- not our fault. Sad days and happy days= real life.

Shannon said...

Fun letter! I love the little details of life. I started posting our family newsletters on a separate blog so I'd have them if my hard drive crashed. The kids love having the history and stories to read. Your letters to Rachel will be a treasure.

Thanks for the info on the Tabernacle/Temple. We were wondering when construction would start.

I hadn't heard about Brian's car. So sad! Hope it's fixed soon.

Lesa said...

I'm sure you'll understand that I really loved this post. I miss my girl too.

I'm excited for the people of Provo and the people of Star Valley, WY. (My in-laws live there)

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for putting up the pictures of the Prove Tabernacle! I'll watch with anticipation for more pictures of its progress. I love the braids...and I know the sadness of a wrecked, and beloved car.

Sue said...

I was so glad to hear they are rebuilding the Provo Tabernacle as a temple. I've never even been inside, and I'm a California girl, but it feels like part of our church history, and I'm grateful they are restoring it.

Love your cute son working on those braids!


Marianne said...

Dear Rachel,

I miss you and love you, too!!


JennyLynn said...

It was sweet music to my ears to know that such a blessing was to be given to those who loved the Tabernacle so much. It will be wonderful to visit once it is complete.

Kristin said...

Yes! We were all enjoying the experiences of Autumn in Utah - let's hope mother nature brings it back soon! I'm not ready for winter yet. The hair braids are precious - such cute photos :)


Deila said...

Thanks for sharing these photos, I wanted to see them, and now you posted them. Thanks so much. I love the braids and the soccer!

Valerie said...

I plan on going to take some photos of the tabernacle soon too. Love those photos with the signs. :)

Garden of Egan said...

Such a great post!
I love the pictures of the Tabernacle.
It's great to see the excitement of the people there.

Marvett Smith said...

What a wonderful post! Love the pictures, love the words, and I love your relationship with your children!