Friday, May 27, 2011

A "Favorite Thing" Giveaway

I've been distracted from blogging lately due to the discovery of a new "favorite thing." The blogging community actually brought it to my attention so it only seems fitting that my involvement therein has suffered a bit.

Have you heard of the BBC series Lark Rise to Candleford? Oh my my my. . . love it!

Almost every night after the kids are in bed Brian and I watch an episode. At first, all Brian could say was "This is such a chick flick!" But, now, HE is the one who insists we turn it on. We just finished season two, and we are definitely hooked.

I love this new "favorite thing" as much as I love blogging so I am giving away a Lark Rise to Candleford; The Complete Season One DVD to one of my blog friends.

To enter:

1. You need to follow my blog with Google Friend Connect (see my sidebar to follow if you don't already) and
2. Tell me one of YOUR "favorite things" in a comment on this post.

I will randomly select a winner Sunday night, May 29.

Have a great weekend!


A Joyful Chaos said...

What a great giveaway! I had never heard of this series before but would love to watch it.

My favorite things, family, friends, good books, great music, and currently Hazel on DVD

I am a follower.


Ginger said...

I love when I get suggestions for good news shows to check out! :)

I follow you! :)

I would have to say that one of my most favorite things is to read the LDS Institute student manuals. I know that sounds really nerdy, but I love them - they are so full of information! I keep the Pearl of Great Price manual close by and read it all the time. It is my favorite followed by the Old Testament manuals. I also love Bruce R. McConkie - can't get enough of his books!

Shannon said...

I've never heard of the series, but we're always up for something good to watch.

As for a favorite thing- right now I'd put a nap right at the top of my list. Greg and I have been reading the Horatio Hornblower series at night together and it's one of my favorite parts of the day. (I liked the first couple of books much better than the last few, BTW, so don't look for a give-away of that one!)

Saimi said...

Sounds like the perfect series!! We are always looking for good movies since we don't watch t.v. anymore!!

Well, I'm already a follower so here is a favorite thing...I have so many but you asked for one so..

I love a good thunderstorm.

When my boys were little we used to bundle up on the front porch and listen for the thunder then count and see when the lightening would strike.

I love the smell of the air just before it rains!

Rachel said...

One of my favorite things is when David comes home and when I have the ingredients to make something delectable.

And you are also one of my favorite "things"

AllisonK said...

ONE OF MY FAVORITES! It's delightful.

A favorite right now... having peace.

PS. I already own the series so please don't include me in the give away. We are are anxiously awaiting the next season.

Sally said...

Gene and I love Larkrise! We've been watching it since it started on channel 7. (Tell Brian that Gene loves it!) We also love Doc Martin, it's pretty funny! We watched on Netflicks after channel 7 started showing repeats. British television is one of our favorites!

Lesa said...

This is a nice giveaway Julie. I follow already. One of my favorite things right now is frozen yogurt.

Sandy said...

Hi Julie,
I just became one of your newest followers! I found you at "Lisa's-Shineyourlight blog"
One of my favorit things at the moment is eating! Yes, Eating.
I am so lucky I can say that at the moment, it is all because I am nursing my 8 wk. young baby boy. So I can eat and eat and eat. Preferable with a reall chick flick, of course and hubby of mine next to me. (We LOVE CHICK FLICKS - AND.... FOOD.)

Thanks for this give away Julie!
I'd love to add this one to our Flick collection.

WayneAndTeresa said...

Julie, this is a fun giveaway!

My favorite thing today is summer vacation! I think it's great to have my kids home all day. Maybe I'll feel differently about it in a couple weeks, but for now, we are having fun together.

Jenny said...

I now feel bad for not recommending them to you sooner! I've seen the first season, my mom has them all and buys them at Costco I think. I can't remember when PBS airs them normally. Have you seen Cranford yet? It was good also.

A favorite thing of mine that I think you'd like is the Viva Glam V MAC lipstick. I love that stuff! It's sheer and moisturizing and goes with everything.

Deila said...

Feel good movies--I'm all about the feel good movies and chick flicks. I just went on netflix and put it in my que. thx for the tip. One of my fav movies is My Favorite Wife with Cary Grant. I love those kind.

Susan Mathews said...

I am a follower of your blog, but I do not see any names on the side bar....

My favorite things:
my two sons and sharing in their lives,
my new home and planting pretty flowers,
teaching and seeing the light come on in students' eyes.

Marvett Smith said...

I have not heard of this before, but if you love it I'm sure I will too.

I'm already a follower of your blog. :) As far as my favorite things go here are a few:
hugs from my hooligans, the wind on my back, sun on my face, and laughter with good friends, holding hands with my best friend and camping trips with my family. I could keep going, but you get the point, right? ;)

Wendys Hat said...

Follower here. I just love finding a new series and get so obsessed too! Sounds good. BBC has some great shows.

Jennilyn said...

Big hearty 2nd to Cranford since you love Lark Rise!

My new favorite craft is bleach-resist t-shirts. Cheaper than using paint for YW camp shirts. Use vinegar to stop the bleaching action (chemistry in the kitchen!).

Stephanie said...

We loved it too!!! Such a great series! :-)

Sue said...

I'm a follower already, and I'll have to check this series out. Sounds good!


Nancy said...

Following now via GFC. :)

Favorite things: photography, gardening, flowers, cooking, baking, my family.

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend.

Garden of Egan said...

Blogging has gotten me into trouble many times as well.
I'm into about 3 different books right now.

I've never heard of this, but I'm off to learn more.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

this looks good, I'm going to check it out :)