Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Winter Sports

Rather than frequent ice and snow venues this time of year, I patronize futsal arenas and high school gyms. Winter sports in our family means basketball, indoor soccer, and futsal.
The seating is less than desirable on the back and bum, and often I find myself squirming to get comfortable, but cheering on my kids is recreation at its finest.
Capturing these moments for posterity is DIFFICULT. Being indoors means little light. Sports by definition means speed and movement. Stopping the action in low light is hard. Obviously, I have not mastered this photographic technique yet, but at least my kids will know I was there and I tried and they are awesome no matter what the outcome of the game.


Rachel said...

Cool pics!

Ginger said...

I actually think your indoor pics are pretty good! Mine always seem to come out yellow or not at all. My kids aren't very athletic, but we love to go to high school games as well!

Saimi said...

Your indoor photography is good in my book, those are great action shots!!!

I'm with ya on the benches, I always bring a padded seat with me for my bony bum!

Marianne said...

That last shot of Travis is AWESOME!! You are such a great mom to go to all these events!!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Darling kids & I think your photos turned out good too.

Warmly, Michelle