Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuffed Onions and Birthday "Cake"

My sweet Abby turned 12 this month. Poor child. Her birthday celebration took a backseat to my knee surgery and rehabilitation. We did happen to have a family party before the actual date where big sister, Rachel, make her famous and fabulous stuffed onions as per Abby's request. What child requests stuffed onions for her birthday dinner? My Abigail.

Two weeks after the official birth date Abby went ice skating with her awesome friends followed by cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy and hot chocolate.

Ever confident and unique, Abby is not one to request the traditional birthday CAKE for her annual celebration.

Cupcakes and Donuts
Cinnamon rolls from Shirley's Bakery
BYU's mint brownies and the most popular request . . . Dad's homemade rice pudding.
It's been a beautiful 12 years.

Happy Birthday, Abby!
We love you so very very much!

Click here to see a video Abby made for her Dad on Father's Day.
Click here to read about her ideal "home" lunch.
Click here to read about her longing for green eyes.


Mom to Many said...

What a cutie! And maybe a budding foodie?

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

She's adorable! Happy Birthday to your Abby.

How is your rehap going?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your girl :) Love all the great photos of her with all the goodies :)

Dixie Mom said...

I was very much that way growing up. I preferred if my Mom made pie or cheesecake...something different.
But, for the love of yum, would you please post the stuffed onion recipe! :)

Lacy said...

Stuffed Onions? sounds YUMMY!!

I love all the pictures of past birthdays :) What a cute girl... I love when people are original :)

Go Abigail! the rice pudding is classic.

Lesa said...

She has some great tastes, very creative! Happy Birthday to her a little late.

Yes, please post the recipe. I'm not a big onion person, but maybe it is time to like them! They look really good.

Lynn said...

The onion is beautiful. I too want the recipe. I think it might be something that would adapt very well to vegetarian cooking too.

Garden of Egan said...

Stuffed onion? A young darling child wants that?
I totally love her!!!!
Happy birthday!

Mrs.Spy said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl, I'm loving the "cakes."

Valerie said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. My kids don't like birthday cake either. :)

Nichole said...

that is the cutest thing ever! nontraditional is best, when it comes to children being themselves! :)