Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not Quite Lucid

I am attempting a post even though I am still in a somewhat foggy state of mind and my eyes will often close of their own accord for several seconds at a time. Pain management has been quite an issue, but at six days post-op perhaps things are settling down.
My paperwhites were blooming when I arrived home.
The surgery on my right knee (unicompartmental patellofemoral joint resurfacing arthoplasty) was "textbook" according to my surgeon and the left knee scope (lateral release) also went well even though they were surprised to find well advanced arthritis in that knee--bone on bone.

Prayers definitely carried me through the anxiety of pre-op and although I was in quite a cloud of pain those first few days I know divine help guided all my caregivers. Although I have missed the traditional scents and sounds of the season cooped up on my family room sofa, the Spirit of Christmas has been personified in exceptional kindness, genuine concern, understanding, and love by dear family, friends, and even strangers.

My husband has been my hero sleeping on the floor of our living room on his camping pad while I slept on the sofa. We didn't even attempt the stairs that first night. He sets his alarm to wake me up for meds and even responds sans complaint each time I needed to journey to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
I've stolen my son's shorts. They are perfect for rehab purposes.
Presents have already arrived at my house for I am now the proud owner of my very own "granny" walker. Woo hoo!

Another valuable gift is a lovely green strap which I use to lift my "bad" leg onto and off of the sofa or bed. When Kellie first saw it, she immediately laid claim to it (when I am done, of course). It is exactly what the collegiate athletes use to train and stretch. Who would have known.

Third, is my CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) or my knee bending machine. Definitely a love/hate relationship here. We spend two hours at a time together 2-3 times a day bending my knee to ever increasing degrees.

Fourth, is ice. LOVE ice. Awesome new compression cooler. We should be together for another week or so.

I try not to let my eyes rest on my six-inch surgical scar, but rather encourage them to keep on traveling down to my toes and take in the splendor of my pre-surgery holiday pedicure courtesy of a very dear friend.

Looking for tiny miracles and cheery happenings this week.


Mom to Many said...

Love the shorts. Quite the post op fashion statement. The cute toes complete the ensemble.
Hang in there Julie. It looks like you are in good hands.


Emmalyn said...

I love the toes! And your good attitude. You are brave : ) This will be good in the end!


Marianne said...

You're back!! You've been in my thoughts all week, and I'm glad to see that maybe the clouds are parting and the silver lining is starting to show. The shorts look awesome on you, and your toes are divine. (That was my favorite thing to look at while I was down...beautiful toes). And even semi-lucid, you're lovely to read!! Keep mending! XOXOX

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

You're doing great! So happy to hear you're on the mend. Love your Christmas toes!

Jennilyn said...

Intense (or as Maxwell would say, "In tents, like camping!") I noticed the pedicure right away-gorgeous color. We called PT=pain & torture. Knowing it will help sort of helps, but it hurts as you get better. Growing/healing pains. Sweet story about Brian sleeping on the floor to be close to you. You guys are a good couple example. And this can be the Christmas others cooked for you. Enjoy the service they bring and think of it as enabling blessings to come to them for their help. Love you!

Lesa said...

So glad you posted, I was wondering how it went. Sounds like you have some great helpers at your house.

I hope you have tiny miracles and a cheery week as well.

Keep hanging in there!

Merry Christmas!

Dixie Mom said...

Oh gosh honey. Well...on the bright side, your toes look fab! But really. I'm sorry you are hurting. I think you may be right about feeling the spirit of Christmas this year...different...but sometimes different is good right? And, your family is definitely gonna appreciate you more! For sure! And, you will have super woman bionic knees when you are done...I hope. :)

Dean and Sheri said...

Oh my goodness, girl! I've been away from blogger for a while. Our daughter graced our lives with a grand-daughter on the 1st. There were complications. We brought her and her little fam home to stay with us for recovery. I'm pretty much consumed with our 2 year old grandson now. That and the all out mother-daughter cry sessions that have become an evening ritual. I've not been able to blog or keep up with my fav blog reads. I'm sorry you had to go through this...especially this time of year. I admire your positiveness, though. I hope you are really, really back on those cute feet soon.
Oh and...what a bless-ed, lucky woman to have such a tender, loving, devoted husband.

AND...AND...have had compliments on my handmade "SimplyJulie" ear rings. LOVE THEM.

ailinh harris said...

GREAT attitude. So sorry you're in pain. Hang in there, girlfriend. You're a mighty brave one. :)

Suzanne said...

Yikes. That's all I can say. That does not look fun at all! I'm grateful that you have the help you need and have been given such tender lovin' care. Take care.

Fellars Family said...

Glad to hear that your surgery was a success. I loved my compression cooler when I had my knee surgery, it was the best. I hope you keep on feeling better and that rehab goes good.

Jenny said...

Julie, It's too bad the insides of your knees are old lady knees, especially when the outsides of your legs could easily belong to a teenager.

Nichole said...

the lovely pedicure was the first thing i noticed. wishing you a speedy recovery!

Susan Mathews Hardy said...

Cool! We are doing this together! I ripped my MCL and did some patella damage in a fall. I have been using the same green strap, and I DEFINITELY love the compression ice machine!

Let me warn you about what happened to me after the knee injury. Watch for swelling of your feet. The high doses of anti-inflammatory (Motrin) and the injury have caused vein problems, swelling and high blood pressure. If it does, you and I will both be wearing the compression socks!

I bet you have that already to prevent blood clots in the legs post surgery. I was thinking Ms. Doubtfire when they said I should wear support hose the rest of my life, but when the gorgeous 30 year old nurse practitioner wears the same ones you will be wearing....hmmm it was a sell job. I didn't feel old any more.

Good luck with the knee pain. If you need a listening ear when you get discouraged, call me. The doc said it would take me until Sept. 2011 for me to be healed, so I can relate!

Hilary said...

I used to work at a nursing home, knee surger just isn't my fav. Tough stuff!