Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breakfast by Candlelight

Early this morning I awoke to the relentless beep of our carbon monoxide detector. I turn towards the clock on my nightstand. It's black. No power.

I reach for the flashlight I keep by my bed. A flicker, then dark. Batteries dead.

I reach for my cell phone. 5:15 am. (Thank goodness for cell phones!)

I stumble towards the hall, accidently knocking the CO2 detector out of the outlet and toss it on the bed next to Brian asking him to get it to stop.

I continue precariously downstairs towards the kitchen to procure a working flashlight. THREE flashlights later I am successful!

Brian sets his cell phone alarm and we go back to bed. It is eerily quiet. The whole neighborhood is dark.

An hour later Travis enjoys his breakfast by candlelight. I locate the old transistor radio deep in the depths of the basement, add batteries, and attempt to hear an explanation of why the power still is not back on.

The kids leave for school. Now what? My morning routine is disrupted, and I am shocked at how lost I feel not being able to check, email or blogs.

This wrinkle in the day gives me pause.

I am "forced" to read the paper, do the cross word puzzle, and even manage to watch a humming bird flitter around the Rose of Sharon near my front porch.

I put off getting ready for the day in hopes that the electricity will return before I need to blow dry my hair. I organize my sewing drawers (not that I ever sew) and clean up wrapping paper and ribbons left over from the opening-of-the-wedding-gifts soirée. Half way thru this last task the power comes back on--four hours without electricity.

Lessons learned:
  • Keep a WORKING flashlight by bed at night. Check regularly.
  • Give each of the kids a flashlight to keep by their beds (Well, maybe not Abby. She would use it to read into the wee hours of the night.)
  • Keep a transistor radio HANDY--make sure it has fresh batteries.
  • Try out a LOW maintenance hairdo. Yes, a pony tail is fine, but my bangs need direction. Would a paper fan work?
  • Shake up my morning routine. Sit on the porch and enjoy the birth of a new day.
  • Say many prayers of thanksgiving for electric power.


Suzanne said...

I'd be sunk. I don't even know where my flashlight is. Thanks for passing on your lessons learned! AND thanks for your nice comment on my blog yesterday. I appreciate it!

Sister Babcock said...

How early is breakfast? You must be on daylight savings time.

Julie said...

It was still dark here at 6:15. Yes, daylight savings.

Shauna said...

Stopping by to say hi! Love this site!

Hope you'll come visit and follow me too :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lara said...

I love how when something we take for granted disappears for a while, that we learn just how much we need it!

And yet, kind of an adventure to have breakfast by candlelight. But I am checking to make sure my flashlight is in the bedroom and fully charged. :)

Mom to Many said...

It's amazing to find yourself without electricity. SO much of what we do relies upon it.

Great reminder to check the supplies. :o)

Sharon Cohen said...

Do "they" even sell transistor radios any more? I wouldn't know where to get one! But - I do have candles. You have shared a good reminder - not just for the practical things but for the spiritual. Even your title has inspired me. Breakfast by candlelight would be a wonderful treat this winter. I think I will schedule that for a "date morning" in December.

I'm visiting from Mormon Mommy Blogs' Post of the Week. If you find time to check out my post and leave a comment, I would be delighted. Mine is #23, When You Choose What You Got.

Hilary said...

Tee, yes -- try the paper fan. :)
I do think God gives us tiny emergencies to help us reevaluate the whole situation.
Good for me too. :)

Jenn said...

What an adventure! Hope you were able to see the "fun" side of it ;)

Like said above, good think it was a somewhat minor-emergency to give you a little warning for the future!

My husband is totally obsessed w/ flashlights. I think nearly every wall of our house has a hidden flashlight or lantern someplace on it. Sometimes I think he's crazy, but other times I'm just grateful I'll (theoretically) never be stranded in the dark!