Monday, August 30, 2010

Petrified Forest

I first heard of the petrified forest when I was in elementary school. In my mind I pictured huge redwood-type trees turned to stone--leaves and all. "Forest" to me meant trees and more trees. Surprisingly that ignorance some how stuck with me as I anticipated the drive through the petrified forest on our return trip from Arizona. The realization that this was not so slowly crept to the logical forefront of my consciousness as the National Park neared. I laughed at myself for holding on to that child-like vision.

The Petrified Forest actually was very impressive. The landscape was littered with broken "logs"--all turned to stone, of course.

The colors were spectacular.

If you look closely at the landscape below you can see a petrified log atop the ridge in the upper middle of the photo. The second picture shows the log via telephoto lens. It makes me wonder what incredibly tumultuous events occurred here over the millions of years since these trees were alive.

The Tepees and Painted Desert areas of the park were fascinating as well.

Honestly, I was not looking forward to driving an hour or more out of our way to visit these ancient landmarks, but I am so glad Brian talked me into it. I was suitably impressed.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Crafty Again

Now that the wedding is over I am in the mood to get crafty. Here is what I created this week.

THIS is my kind of project--quick and easy. I hadn't used Modge Podge since I was a kid, but it was great fun.

Suzanne at Just Another Hang Up (one of my favorite bloggers) posted a tutorial for this back-to-school plaque and will share the template she created with anyone who requests it--free!

I also made these earrings. Which pair is your favorite?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breakfast by Candlelight

Early this morning I awoke to the relentless beep of our carbon monoxide detector. I turn towards the clock on my nightstand. It's black. No power.

I reach for the flashlight I keep by my bed. A flicker, then dark. Batteries dead.

I reach for my cell phone. 5:15 am. (Thank goodness for cell phones!)

I stumble towards the hall, accidently knocking the CO2 detector out of the outlet and toss it on the bed next to Brian asking him to get it to stop.

I continue precariously downstairs towards the kitchen to procure a working flashlight. THREE flashlights later I am successful!

Brian sets his cell phone alarm and we go back to bed. It is eerily quiet. The whole neighborhood is dark.

An hour later Travis enjoys his breakfast by candlelight. I locate the old transistor radio deep in the depths of the basement, add batteries, and attempt to hear an explanation of why the power still is not back on.

The kids leave for school. Now what? My morning routine is disrupted, and I am shocked at how lost I feel not being able to check, email or blogs.

This wrinkle in the day gives me pause.

I am "forced" to read the paper, do the cross word puzzle, and even manage to watch a humming bird flitter around the Rose of Sharon near my front porch.

I put off getting ready for the day in hopes that the electricity will return before I need to blow dry my hair. I organize my sewing drawers (not that I ever sew) and clean up wrapping paper and ribbons left over from the opening-of-the-wedding-gifts soirée. Half way thru this last task the power comes back on--four hours without electricity.

Lessons learned:
  • Keep a WORKING flashlight by bed at night. Check regularly.
  • Give each of the kids a flashlight to keep by their beds (Well, maybe not Abby. She would use it to read into the wee hours of the night.)
  • Keep a transistor radio HANDY--make sure it has fresh batteries.
  • Try out a LOW maintenance hairdo. Yes, a pony tail is fine, but my bangs need direction. Would a paper fan work?
  • Shake up my morning routine. Sit on the porch and enjoy the birth of a new day.
  • Say many prayers of thanksgiving for electric power.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Postcards from the Road

Even at forty-something I am a very poor car traveler. I am easily bored and sitting for any extended period of time makes me grumpy. Brian, on the other hand looks forward to highway adventures. He enjoys the view out the window, analyzing the landscape, and maneuvering around poky cars. I am not the best companion on such ventures. I often fall asleep or sigh and shift continually in my seat.

Our latest vehicular excursion took place this last weekend as we traveled to Eager, AZ for the newlyweds Open House.

I entertained myself by snapping photos.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Reception

Can't you see these two in 50 years with the exact same smiles and pose?

Before the reception began I took a few moments to snap some photos. The guests entered on the west side of our home greeted by flowers and paper lanterns.

My Mother-of-the-Bride wrist corsage
My siblings and I (photo courtesy of brother-in-law, Dan)
The glowing happy couple

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweet Treats

The event of our summer finally arrived. Rachel and David are married. We had a great celebration in their honor with lots of photos to follow, but for now I want to share the FOOD.

Rachel knew exactly what she wanted--a dessert buffet with colorful miniature options.

My AMAZING friends kept everything restocked and in order throughout the entire night. I am truly humbled by their selfless service. I feel very loved. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Sensations

While the kids and cousins took a little hike with Grandma during our recent Sundance excursion, I stayed put (due to an uncooperative knee) and took pictures of some late summer sensations.

Have you ever really looked at a thistle flower? Perfection.

A father walking by with his young daughter pointed these out as stinging nettle. Was he correct?

These look like wild snapdragons to me.


One good thing about not being as mobile as I would like is that I am forced to slow down, look around me, and "smell the foliage".

Linking to Bloomin' Tuesday today.

Friday, August 6, 2010


To celebrate her birthday my mom took a few of her grandkids (and I) to Sundance to ride the ski lift, to hike, and to see "Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" at the outdoor Summer Theatre.

I love riding the ski lift this time of year. The backside of Timp (Mount Timpanogos) is always impressive.

Brian and I had our FIRST DATE at Sundance (skiing the slopes in midwinter 1984) so it "holds a special place in my heart."

After the hike the girls insisted Travis ride back down with my mom and I. He scared them too much by rocking the chair. Typical Travis.

He was MY hero later, though, when he hiked back up the hill to retrieve the sunglasses I had knocked off the top of my head while aloft. I zoomed in to make sure they were still there.

He picked up some hitchhikers on the way down.

Fun afternoon in the mountains.