Sunday, July 4, 2010

Purple Bouquet

This week Rachel had her "bridals" taken. Her bouquet was absolutely beautiful. I love purple. Perhaps my purple-love stems from my Donny Osmond fan days, and interestingly, it lingers. Purple haunts my closet, my yard, and even my decorating (just one room). I certainly am enjoying the fact that Rachel chose purple as one of her wedding colors.

Purple was my color of choice as well. However, my 1984 purple bouquet was a bit different than Rachel's. To me it was just perfect with its white and lavender roses scattered with baby's breath.

Times have changed. We have changed.

When Travis saw this picture he said, "You guys look weird." He looked closer and exclaimed, "Mom! you had brown hair?!?!"

Ah, yes. Well . . . um . . . don't you know that hair turns blond before it turns gray?  He didn't buy it.  Smart boy.

It IS amusing to look at our wedding pictures now, but back then, we were right in style. I loved my purple bouquet and I loved (love) the man standing next to me with the purple (lavender) boutonnière.


Shannon said...

I think you look great and I'd still recognize both of you in an instant. I love that Brian wore a white tux. Greg did, too, because that's what we'd both always wanted, but I've never met anyone else who did. Good taste!

Julie said...

Shannon, now you've piqued my curiosity. Let's see a picture of you and Greg!

Linda said...

I have to join the crowd . . . Scott also wore a white tux. That was definitely my preference and Scott didn't mind nor have a preference, just as long as I was happy. Julie, you and Brian do look adorable and have maintained that 'adorable' look.

Sally said...

I love your picture! Such a cute, young couple! (I had 3 children by 1984!)

Pedaling said...

I love all shades of purple.
you look a bit more updated, today;
but still, so young!

Suzanne said...

Such a sweet post. I love your picture -- young love is wonderful, but it truly does get sweeter with time!

Marianne said...

LOVE the photo of you two love birds! And I also love the little pearl buttons on Rachel's bouquet. So elegant!!

I can't wait to see some of her pictures...(HINT)

Laura said...

I love purple, too. Perhaps that's why we've been friends so long? My mom wouldn't let me do purple for our wedding so I did blue. I know Rachel will be beautiful!