Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh So Delicate

I hiked to Delicate Arch this week--Utah's unofficial state symbol.

Of course we picked a day in midsummer, mid afternoon, and mid nineties. 

We were told to take as much water as we could carry.

It was HOT. It was long. It was more vertical than I wanted. It was 3 miles round trip.

But. . . we finally reached the top.

Travis and Kellie are those red clad human specks beneath the arch in the photo below. They beat us there by climbing up the vertical back face. Good thing I had no idea.

I didn't expect to see so many crows in Arches. This one was not a bit shy.

It was interesting to watch him hop sideways down the slope until he took off.

Travis wanted to claim this formation as his own.

On the return trip Kellie hesitated a few minutes as she contemplated how to scale the wall. (Again, she and Travis took the route less traveled.)

I am so grateful my knee worked--so grateful for modern medicine. It was a good day!


Mom to Many said...

We are so blessed in Utah with the diversity of the beautiful landscape!

Deb in NY said...

Great pictures, Julie. We went to Arches last summer and loved it too. That's quite a hike. Congratulations!