Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last summer our friends introduced us to Kubb--The Viking Game while vacationing in Lake Tahoe. We soon became addicted and Santa brought Brian a game at Christmas time.

Kubb (pronounced koob) is a very old game played by early Scandinavian Vikings. Since I DO have Swedish blood in my veins, this game "speaks" to me and my family.

"The game is played on a level field or open area defined by the four (4) Corner Pins most commonly on a sandy beach or a level lawn (on ice or snow is an option)." (Old Time Games)

"The ten (10) Kubb (Chopping Blocks) are placed on end, five (5) on each team’s base line." (Old Time Games)

"The objective is for players standing at their base line to topple all five (5) of the opposing team’s Kubbar with an underhanded toss of the six (6) Kastpinnar (Casting Pins) and to then topple the Kung (King) which is placed in the center of the playing field." (Old Time Games)

This is a VERY fun family game anyone can play. With enough practice you just may be able to master Abby's throwing technique.

Thanks Matt and Pamela for the introduction!


Shannon said...

We love kubb! My brother served his mission in Sweden and brought it home to us. My sister and her husband made us a set for Christmas one year (so our king isn't so fancy!) and we played a ton at first. The missionaries used to borrow it and play it in the church during the winter in NH. It's going up to camp with me, too. Ah, a well loved game! We'll have to get a little family competition going- or maybe have another bishopric dinner and teach everyone. Hmmm....

Mom to Many said...

Looks like our kind of yard game. Our kids love to play outside even though a few of them are not so little anymore. We will have to check it out!