Thursday, June 3, 2010

Twice as old as she

How can this be? Rachel is 23!

Twenty-three years ago on June 2 (when I was 23 myself) Rachel made me a mother. It is a tough job being the firstborn. I should know.

Rachel is energy and passion.

She is an avid chef who gets absolutely giddy in Williams-Sonoma. She adores it so much that she has insisted on making her own birthday cake since she was 12--the more intricate and involved the better. This year she made the eleven layer Chocolate Transportation cake from the Death by Chocolate Cookbook. It was decadent, rich, and delicious!

Rachel is courage and persistence.

She works incredibly hard at everything she does, including practicing the flute FOUR HOURS A DAY. She makes very beautiful music!

Rachel is one-of-a-kind.

She is a gal of many talents including the ability to levitate a peanut M&M.

Rachel is goodness, exactness, and love.

The VERY COOL thing about this birthday is that I am exactly twice as old as Rachel. I am 46. She is 23. This will not happen ever again for her and I so we are relishing our special year.

My sweet Rachel, I LOVE YOU so very much!


Laura said...

I cannot believe your first baby is 23! Even scarier is that you were 23 when she was born! Just a baby yourself! Good work, momma!

Marianne said...

That is a beautiful post. And Rachel is a beautiful daughter. Lucky mom, lucky girl!!

Jennilyn said...

I think I need to look up that cake recipe-wow! Mouthwatering picture. Since she was 12? What a great tradition! Beautiful post!

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

So great to see pictures and such a nice tribute to Rachel!