Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A spilt milk kind of day

Some days just feel like a gallon of milk has been spilt all over the floor.

You stare at it with a glazed look of shock, exasperation, and resignation on your face.

You are too tired to care, but no one will make the milk go away but you.

You pray for a "cat" to come and lick it all up--not just lick it all up, but wash it away making the day sparkling clean and energized again.

Some days are just like that--spilt milk kind of days.

All you can do is sigh. . . a big long sigh.

Eventually, YOU have to CHOOSE to grab that cloth, get down on your knees, and clean it up.


Jennilyn said...

Gorgeous floor, though! Those are the kinds of days when counting your blessings can just make you cry. Being the one responsible for the messes is hard work--but I bet you could delegate some of it, right? Shared burden? Even talking/venting/blogging about it hopefully helps. Know that you are loved and amazing and you CAN endure to the end (of the wedding, of the day, of the fill-in-the-blank...)

Deb said...

I like your analogy. I like the way you write. I'm glad you are willing to share your days.

Laura said...

But that cat sure looks happy! At least it made somebody's day!

Looking UP Amid the Chaos said...

Simple message but a deep meaning! I agree...it is up to us!