Friday, May 28, 2010

The End is Here (Part 2)

At the Centennial Middle School assembly earlier this week Travis was shocked when his name was read to receive an award for Excellence in Geometry. His teacher, Mr. K, explained that of all his students, he was impressed with Travis' persistence in asking questions until he understood exactly. Travis is not the best student in the class or even an "A" student, but his need to know and understand was recognized and appreciated. That made him very happy.

Travis has big plans for the summer. He composed this flier, printed, and delivered them to a few neighbors and in less than 24 hours he already had a job lined up. Between his "Odd Jobs" business, marching band, and basketball, I think his summer is set.


Kellie said...

I got that same award in 8th grade! Must be genetic!

Julie said...

I didn't remember that. A different teacher too. Nice!