Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just a Whiff

Yesterday morning as I put on my shoes, anxious to get out the door, I caught a whiff of the freshly cut daffodils Abby had procured from our yard and carefully placed in a vase on the table. The scent took me home to Virginia.

It was Spring--really Spring, not the Utah-teaser-type of Spring.

Ann Street
my green, wooded, blossoming backyard
matching homemade Easter dresses
shiny new black patent leather shoes
anticipation of a basket full of Peeps and chocolate eggs

Fast forward two decades.

Once again living in Virginia, Embassy Lane
constant and extreme nausea due to morning sickness with Travis
Mom and Steven at the door
bringing me a bouquet of freshly picked daffodils from their yard
that simple act meant EVERYTHING

Just a whiff brought it all back. Made me pause and smile.


Rachel said...

awww!!!!! I love you! You seriously are a great writer...not to mention mom.

Laura said...

Fond memories of Ann Street! I "stalked" your mom on Facebook, she has an excellent picture of all of you when Steven was tiny, must have been our glorious senior year! Miss you all!

Julie said...

That picture is SO funny now (and embarrassing!) Steven was born when I was a Freshman at BYU so it must have been taken right after I came home in April.

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Very nice. I like how smells can take you places.