Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What is it that draws us to the idea of collecting? I had a bottle cap collection (not unlike Travis' above) when I was young. Mine, however, did not include shell casings and bullets.

Each Sunday after church my friend Kristy and I would scour the parking lot of Robinson High School while our parents visited. (We held church at the school for several months while our new chapel on Ox Road was being constructed.) Colorful, unbent, and unique bottle caps were the most prized.

At one time I also had a collection of paper napkins carefully gathered from assorted birthday parties and wedding receptions. I also recall having a sticker collection and a postcard collection, but tragically those have disappeared.

Yet . . . I am still collecting.

My collection of tiny boxes is my most sentimental menagerie. For posterity's sake, here is its origins:
  • Brian purchased my very first (the oval flower imprinted one in the center) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York early in our marriage while attending a conference in New Jersey.
  • The heart-shaped pewter one he brought home to me from Munich, Germany.
  • My mom gave me the little rectangular box with an "S" on it after my Dad passed away. It was in his top bureau drawer with his watch, keys, wallet, etc. We have no idea where or how he acquired it, but my dad kept it for some reason and that is all that matters.
  • Brian brought the turquoise one back to me from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • The one from New Orleans is self explanatory. So glad Brian thinks of me when he is traveling!
  • The flute player (paying homage to Rachel) is from Albuquerque, New Mexico--again from hubby's travels.
  • We are a true cat-loving family so when Brian spied the cat box in Cincinnati, Ohio he HAD to present it to me on his return.
  • The taller one belonged to my Grandma Carlson. She purchased it while she was in Guatemala on an LDS mission and I acquired it when she passed away.
  • The last intricate oval one was recently rediscovered in my childhood jewelry box. My Uncle Will brought it home from his LDS mission to Thailand when I was a teenager. I thought it was time it was included in my collection.
This is my complete "little box" collection.
  • The pewter and wooden one is the second purchase Brian made for me at the British Museum in London, England.
  • The vibrant bird box was given to my dad by a coworker. It is from some where in Latin America.
  • Brian and I purchased the rectangular box (in front) together on a couple trip to Hawaii where Brian had yet another conference.
  • The red flower box was sent to me this last year from my mom while she was on her LDS mission in Germany.
  • Lastly, the simple square wooden box was purchased in Muir Woods during a family vacation to the Bay Area.
There you have it--one of my grown-up collections. What do YOU collect?


Rachel said...

That's awesome to hear about the origins of the boxes all written down. And, by the way, the flute player one is Kokapeli's flute. But I am sure you knew that. :)

Jennilyn said...

Neat to see! I am intrigued! I think we learn a lot about a person when we see what they cherish! I collect quilts, fabric, POSTCARDS, rolling pins (had to put a cap on that collection, it got unweildly, but I still love the function and forms of them!), fortune cookie fortunes, IKEA chairs, family photos, scissors (again, love the function and form), make-up-case suitcases (those boxy ones!) and...projects.

Jenny said...

You are so cool and those are all beautiful.

I have no collections and am not really much of a collector but the thought of collecting something that I could pass on to my children is really appealing to me.

I used to want to collect cookbooks from wherever I travel but I never travel and I don't actually want that many cookbooks in my house, so it didn't work out.

Fine Art by Jennifer said...

Cool boxes! I enjoyed reading about them. I have a few collections of dolls and little things that were my grandmothers'. I have some cast iron trivets and a few trays. But I only wanted as many as I could use or display nicely. I'm not interested in stuff for stuff's sake. Mostly things have to have some sentimental reason for me to keep them. Or if they beautify my surroundings I keep them. I think the things we like to keep are a tactile journal.

Sally said...

I love all of your boxes! My mom collected spoons and thimbles. She figured I should too and started sending some to me whenever she went on a trip. Now my kids pick some up when they are out on their travels. I have lots of things that I sort of collect, but the most recent is Winter Olympic pins. Sean thinks it's the funniest thing ever, but since I actually attended one of the events in 2002 it sort of seemed like a good idea. Most of the pins I have I've bought from Ebay...Sean compares me to Lisa Simpson (there was an episode about this addiction). :)