Friday, March 26, 2010

Sad Day

This afternoon Kellie and Abby took little Lyra into the veterinarian to get vaccinated. On the way back out to the car Lyra suddenly squirmed and jumped out of Abby's arms and raced frantically away. (Yes, we should have used a cat carrier, but we had never had problems before.) Lyra was shaking and scared at the vet and, I assume, escaped as soon as it was possible.

We spent nearly four hours searching the surrounding area, which included an RV storage lot, a power substation, fields, and two homes--all along a very busy and noisy road.

After Rachel's concert tonight we searched again in the dark calling and calling her name. Does she even know her name is now Lyra after only three months? I was hoping she would just recognize my voice--the voice that serves up her food.

Lyra is a true indoor cat and refuses to go outside. She much prefers to stay inside and to be in whichever room we are in. Because of her we truly understand the origins of the phrase "scaredy cat."

We are all so very sad and teary-eyed. Brian just left at 11:30 pm to try to continue the search. He is hoping the road will have less traffic and in the quiet of the night, she will reappear. We suspect she either is hiding near the animal hospital too afraid to come out or she has just run and run and run--too scared to stop. Luckily when we adopted her from the shelter they inserted a microchip in the nape of her neck. IF she is lucky enough to be taken to a shelter they will let us know.

It is amazing how much she has become a part of our family in only a few months. I know she is "only a cat". What if she were a child? I can not imagine. CAN NOT IMAGINE how that would be.

We feel terrible. We were responsible for her. We loved her. We let her down.


Sister Babcock said...

Sad yes.

Jenny said...

I am really sorry. I hope you guys find her soon.

Sally said...

I hate losing pets. We totally love them like children at our house. Michelle is needing to give her two cats away and feels terrible. She just sent one off with a happy young couple and still has the other. She feels terrible splitting them up. I hope you find Lyra.

Shannon said...

I meant to ask yesterday how the search went. I'm still keeping my eyes peeled and hoping you find her soon.

Marianne said...

Oh dear!! We'll keep our eyes open, too. Which hospital were they at?

Julie said...

Park Animal Hospital on State Street.